Who Is Carole Oliver? Mother Of John Oliver

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Carole Oliver is the mother of comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and television host John Oliver.

She was married to Jim Oliver. They share two kids. Her husband is a school headmaster and social worker. 

John's mom is a music teacher by profession. 

Married Life

John is happily married to Kate Norley. His wife is a veteran and former combat medic in Iraq.

They met each other back in 2008. They exchanged emails and started seeing one another from then on. 

They got engaged in 2010. They got married in 2011. They are parents to their two kids. 

John Oliver with his wife.
John Oliver with his wife. Source: Pinterest

John's Wife Saved Him From Being Deported

John and his wife Kate met in 2008 at the Republic National Convention.

At that time, Kate was working with the organization Vets for Freedom, and on the other hand, John was in attendance as the senior British correspondent from The Daily Show.

As per The Daily Beast, because of some miscommunication about John's temporary work visa, he was cornered to a restricted area and found relief in a group of veterans. 

And his now wife Kate was also in that veteran group. She saved him from security and saved him from being deported. 


Her son John is 46 years old.

Net Worth

Her son John's net worth is estimated to be $35 million.

John Talked About How He Has Aged Since Last Week Tonight

John has hosted the HBO series Last Week Tonight with John Oliver since 2014.

The show is in its tenth season now. In an interview, he recalled his first photo shoot for the show in 2014.

He shared they came up with an idea to keep his photo and his current photo side by side when he hosted the show for the first time. 

He said the actual joke was not what he looked like nine years back but what it look like at the moment. 

He revealed when he did the photoshoot for the show when the show started, he had bangs, and the executive producer didn’t like those bangs, so she asked him to cut it. 

He shared that her biggest regret was she forced him to have his hair cut before his first show, not before the photoshoot. 

Oliver Talked About Hanging Out With Meryl Streep

Oliver met Meryl Streep at a Clooney Foundation Event. He was at the same table as Meryl Streep, and both had a blast at that event. 

They were photographed together, where it was seen that Oliver was laughing over Meryl's jokes. 

He said the photo should have been the other way around as he was a comedian, and it was his job to make her laugh. 

He shared whatever she said to him, was destroying him. 

He said Meryl was hilarious, and he had photographic proof of it.

John Is Not A Fan Of New Year's Party

John said that he loves working on New Year's Eve.

When he work on New Year's Eve, he doesn’t have to go to parties or do anything else. 

He shared an incident when he ruined a New Year's Eve party. 

He said at that party, he was asked to do a countdown from ten, but before that, they gave him something to drink, and he took one sip. 

The drink was so horrible that he failed to do the countdown precisely. 

He said he was done with New Year's Eve parties from then. 

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