Who Is Caroline Burt? Ex-Wife Of Brian Cox

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Who Is Caroline Burt? Ex-Wife Of Brian Cox

Caroline Burt is the ex-wife of Scottish actor Brian Cox. She is a former actress. 

They tied the knot in 1968 but parted ways after being married for 18 years in 1986. They share two kids together, Alan Cox and Margarate Cox

Children of Caroline Burt.
Children of Caroline Burt. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Brian

Brian is married to Nicole Ansari. She is also an actress and yoga teacher by profession. 

They met each other in 1990 at a play. She is 25 years younger than Brian

They connected instantly in their first meeting. Despite that connection, they officially started dating each in 1998

She moved to London with him. Ansari revealed that she wanted to break up with him so flew to the United States to talk to him. 

Instead of parting ways, the two decided to get married. They eloped in Las Vegas and renewed their wedding vows in 2006.

She worked with her husband in the movie Deadwood in 2006 and many other ventures. They share two kids together and are happily married to the date. 

Brian Cox with his wife, Nicole Ansari.
Brian Cox with his wife, Nicole Ansari. Source: Pinterest


Her ex-husband Brian is years 76 old

Net Worth

Her ex-husband Brian's net worth is estimated to be $15 million. 

Brian Criticized His Succession Co-Star Jeremy's Strong Acting Method

In an interview, Brian have his opinion about Jeremy's acting style. 

He praised that he is very talented and gifted with skills. But he is not happy with his strict commitment to the acting method. 

He wants Jeremy to be relaxed. In his past interview also he said that Jeremy's acting method is very exhausting. 

He said he was worried about his obsessiveness toward his role. He said once he is into his role it is difficult for him to get out of that zone. 

Brian Knew That His Character In Succession Was From Scotland In The Ninth Episode

Brian plays the role of Logan Roy, a patriarch of the Roy family in the HBO series Succession

In an interview, he said that he had nothing in common with the character. His character was from Scotland and Brian is also from Scotland. 

He revealed that his character was originally from Canada but the makers of the show changed their birthplace. 

They changed their birthplace from Canada to Dundee, Scotland. He was surprised to know that they have changed the birthplace of his character to his actual birthplace. 

When he asked why they suddenly decided to make his character from Scotland to which they answered that it would be a surprise for him. 

Brian Shared About His First Award Function

Brian said that his first award show was a disaster although he won the award. 

There is a story behind it. He said that before he won the award he had to accept the award on behalf of Glenda Jackson. 

He was asked to accept her award as she was unable to attend the function. 

He agreed to accept the award on behalf of her. He said when the nominee's names were called he got ready to accept the award as he thought that they were going to announce Glenda. 

But Vanessa Redgrave won the award. He was so anxious that before announcing Glenda's name he stood up and walked toward the stage. 

Vanessa was behind him and he apologized to her. He said when he won the award he was terrified to go up and receive that award because of the previous incident. 

Brian Regrets Mentioning Johnny Depp In His Autobiography

Brian talked about Johnny in his autobiography. He said that he had not personally talked with Johnny about this but he had to face a lot of criticism from Johnny's fans. 

He said he wanted to go for the easy joke but in the end, it became harsh. He said he regretted mentioning him. 

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