Who Is Carrie Ann Edwards? Sister Of Shania Twain

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Who Is Carrie Ann Edwards? Sister Of Shania Twain

Carrie Ann Edwards is the sister of Canadian actress, singer, and songwriter Shania Twain

Her parents are Sharon and Clarence Edwards. The two died in a car accident in 1987. She has two siblings altogether. 

Carrie Ann Edwards with her sister, Shania Twain.
Carrie Ann Edwards with her sister, Shania Twain. Source: Hollywood life

Married Life

Shania is married to Frederic Thiebaud. They started dating in 2009 and got engaged in 2010

They tied the knot on New Year's day in Puerto Rico in 2011. Her husband is a businessman.

The two shares two kids together. They have been married for two decades.

Shania Twain with her husband, Frederic Thiebaud.
Shania Twain with her husband, Frederic Thiebaud. Source: Instagram

Shania Was Betrayed By Her First Husband And Best Friend

Shania was married to Mutt Lange. Her now husband Frederic was married to Marie Anne. Marie was Shania's manager at that time. 

They were family more than working partners. But her ex-husband and best friend were having an affair behind her. 

Frederic knew at first that the two were having an affair and keeping them in the dark the whole time. 

Frederic confronted her and asked her to tell Shania. 

Marie didn’t dare to confront her, so she changed her number and ignored her. 

After finding out about the affair, she got separated from Lange. 


Her sister Shania is 57 years old

Net worth

Her sister Shania's net worth is estimated to be $400 million. She has managed to earn this fortune as a professional singer and songwriter.

Frederic Taught Shania To Believe In Love Again

Shania was heartbroken when her ex-husband and best friend betrayed her. 

The stress and the tension led her to worsen her health condition. She was going through the lowest phase of her life. 

Fortunately, she has Frederic by her side at the time. He was a great friend and comforted her. 

The two started spending time together, and the friendship blossomed into romance. 

They held each other emotionally as both were dealing with the same thing. While doing so, they found each other. 

She said that Frederic was very calm and composed. He not only dealt with the situation beautifully but was also able to provide her the love, support, and care. 

She admired him first, began seeing him differently, and fell in love with him. 

Shania Talked About Her New Album, Queen Of Me

Shania recently dropped her new album titled Queen Of Me

In an interview, she said that her album is all about celebrating happiness and taking control of your spirit, and it is free. 

She wrote the song during the covid time. She motivated herself to write songs that changed her mindset. 

So she decided to write happy songs. She wanted to write a song that made her dance and was glad to be the main character. 

Her album has parental advisory, and she doesn't know why it was there. 

Shania Wrote Her Song Inhale/Exhale When She Was Hospitalized

Shania also tested positive for covid and was hospitalized. 

She said that right after being discharged from the hospital, she noted the things that air gives. She loves to call her song Exhale/Inhale Air

She wanted to celebrate the word air, so she thought about bubbles, Champaign bubbles, and bubbles. 

She wanted to describe life through the air. She said the song was the most inspired song of the album. 

Shania Is A Good Friend Of Harry Styles

Shania met him when Harry was performing in New York. She met him backstage. She said they were texting each other. 

Harry requested her to send his mother a birthday wish. Harry's mother was a huge fan of Shania and listened to her music when she was growing up. 

She called his mother and wished her. They have become good friends ever since. 

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