Who Is Carter Belfort? Son Of Jordan Belfort

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Who Is Carter Belfort? Son Of Jordan Belfort

Carter Belfort is the son of American entrepreneur Jordan Belfort. His mother is Nadine Caridi. 

His parents got separated back in 2005. He has an elder brother. He graduates from the Los Angeles Film School

He got a degree in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management. He loves music, especially rap and hip-hop. 

He has a nickname called The Drunken Poet. He is a Vice President of Brand Development, under his father's business Global Motivation Inc.

Carter Belfort's mother, Nadine Caridi.
Carter Belfort's mother, Nadine Caridi. Source: Pinterest

Is Jordan Dating Anyone?

Jordan started dating model and actress Cristina Invernizzi back in 2012.

After being together for two years, they exchanged their wedding vows in 2021

Jordan Belfort with his wife, Cristina Invernizzi.
Jordan Belfort with his wife, Cristina Invernizzi. Source: Instagram


Carter is 27 years old. He is feet inches tall. He weighs around kg.

Net Worth

His father's net worth is estimated to be $115 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an entrepreneur.

Carter Belfort's father, Jordan Belfort.
Carter Belfort's father, Jordan Belfort. Source: Instagram

Jordan Did Every Job To Pay For His College

After his school was over, Jordan needed money to pay for his college fees. 

Though both of his parents were accountants by profession, they didn't have enough money to pay his college fees. 

He started his ice-selling company age the age of 16.

He sold lemonade on stalls, delivered newspapers, shoveled driveways during snowfall, and did magic shows to earn money. 

He sold ice on the beach too. During his summer break, he made around $30,000 and another considerable amount of money the following summer. 

He used that money to pay for his college. 

Jordan Dropped Out Of Dental School

Jordan said that when he was young, his mother used to say that only professionals like doctors could make someone rich. 

So he was clear that he would get a biology degree so he could apply for medical school. 

He always wanted to be rich, so after graduating, he thought only going into the medical field would make him rich. 

He ended up applying for medical and dental school. He chose dental school as the course was for four years, which was shorter than medical school. 

When he got to dental school, one of his professionals said that the golden age of dentistry was over, and if someone had joined this field to make money, that person was in the wrong place. 

He got a wake-up call after hearing that he was out of there the next day. He moved to his parent's house and started to work as a salesman. 

Jordan Is A Real-Life Wolf Of Wall Street 

Wolf of Wall is a 2013 film played by Leonardo De Capri. The movie was based on the true story of Jordan Belfort. 

Jordan owned a yacht and helicopter at the age of 28. He was always on drugs and surrounded by women. 

He didn't have any qualifications to become so wealthy at the age of 28. But he had an incredible talent and charisma. 

He built his empire on fraud and corruption. Jordan was a very calculated man. He committed crimes at the right time and place. 

Jordan Talked About Leonardo Di Caprio

Jordan wrote a biography about himself named Wolf of Wall Street. Leonardo wanted to make a movie on his biography. 

He said that he spent hundreds of hours with Leo talking about the project. 

He said that Leo wanted to get the information even the information not mentioned in his biography. 

Jordan was very impressed with his determination. He said he was speechless when he watched the movie for the first time,. 

He said Leo did a great job in that movie. 

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