Who Is Carys Zeta Douglas? Stunning Daughter Of Catherine Zeta Jones

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Who Is Carys Zeta Douglas? Stunning Daughter Of Catherine Zeta Jones

Carys Zeta Douglas is the daughter of Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. 

Her father’s name is Michael Douglas. She grew up with his older brother Dylan Michal Douglas in New Jersey, USA. Carys is a model. 

She is an American by her nationality. 

Family of Carys Zeta Douglas.
Family of Carys Zeta Douglas. Source: Instagram

Her Love Life

Carys is not married yet. As of 2022, she is also not dating anyone, which means she has no boyfriend. 

Carys's dad doesn’t want her to have an older boyfriend.

Carys is currently a 19-year-old teenager, and she is not dating anyone. 

When she was in her 16, her dad Michael opened up that as a father, he would be very aware if she dated an older man, and he would seriously look on into them.  

He doesn’t want Carys to be dating an older man, but if somehow Carys does, he will try his best to support her even if that thing will kill him from the inside. 

Michael shared his experience, saying that people always thought of Michael as Carys's grandfather because he looked much older to be her father. 

He doesn’t want the same thing for her daughter in the future. 

Carys Zeta Douglas with her parents.
Carys Zeta Douglas with her parents. Source: Instagram

Carys' Relationship With Her Brother 

Carys has an older brother named Dylan. They both grew up together, and Dylan is three years older than her. 

They both have a fantastic relationship with each other. Carys often posts pictures with her brother. 

Dylan is more like a best friend to Carys, and she feels fortunate to have a brother like Dylan

Carys Zeta Douglas with her brother, Dylan Douglas.
Carys Zeta Douglas with her brother, Dylan Douglas. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Carys is 19 years old. She has a net worth of $450,000.

Carys Wants To Do What She Loves To

Carys and her brother were born into a family with a golden spoon. So they didn’t have to worry about anything, at least not financially. 

So, they are seen having fun traveling to places, partying, and doing a lot of things that people have dreams of doing. 

Carys used to show her lifestyle and travel photos on her Instagram until she realized that people would think she was being spoiled and showing off her merits. 

So she took a break from Instagram for a while. But she again realized that she loves providing content on Instagram and she doesn’t need to stop because of others’ thinking. 

She realized she wanted to share her lifestyle and travel diaries with her supporters, so it was okay to do what she loved. 

Hence she again started to provide content on Instagram.

Carys’s Parents' Successful Married Life

Carys’s brother Dylan is 22, and the marriage life of their parents, Catherine and Michael, has also completed 22 years. 

Catherine revealed that she and her husband still feel like they were married not long ago. 

She said that her husband had been a great partner and father, so she always felt lucky to have Michael as her husband. 

She only realizes that their marriage is in its 22 years when she sees her son Dylan. 

Otherwise, she never realizes how long she has been married.

Carys's Father Cheated On Her Mom

Carys's father, Michael, was diagnosed with tongue cancer that could only be transmitted sexually. 

It will only transfer if the opposite sex has the disease within them. 

So it was confirmed that Michael was having sexual relations with another woman. 

This news made Cary’s mom Catherine emotionally broken. She was so depressed and stressed out that she faced bipolar II disorder

She was so into this disorder that she had to move to the hospital in 2011 and 2013.

After all the stress, Cary’s parents lived separately for a time without legal separation. 

But a year later, her parents solved their problems. 

So they again started living together, and this time, Michael said that their relationship was more substantial than before.

Cary’s Mom, Catherine, Didn’t Read The Script For Wednesday

Catherine played the role of Morticia Addams in the Netflix series Wednesday. 

She played the role very well with proper justice to the character. 

She fought her character very vigorously in the series and played it so that the character looked more like a rooted character than any fictional story. 

But to everyone’s surprise, she did the series without even considering the script or knowing anything about the series. 

The only thing she knew was that the series was going to be made by Tim Burton and the name was enough for her. 

She revealed that Tim was the best filmmaker and a pretty smart guy. So it was her privilege to work with Tim. 

Moreover, she revealed that working with Tim was on her bucket list. She hoped to work with Tim in the future as well.

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