Who Is Cassy Renee Vogel? Daughter Of Mike Vogel

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Who Is Cassy Renee Vogel? Daughter Of Mike Vogel

Cassy Renee Vogel is the daughter of American actor and former model Mike Vogel. Her mother's name is Courtney Vogel

She was born in 2007 and is currently 17 years old. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Parents of Cassy Renee Vogel.
Parents of Cassy Renee Vogel. Source: Instagram

About Cassy's Father Mike 

Mike is an actor and a former model. He is famous for playing Cooper Connelly in the Netflix series Sex / Life

His parents, Jim and Kathy Vogel raised him with his two siblings. He was born in 1979 and has his birthday on July 17

He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Married Life Of Mike 

Mike is married to his wife, Courtney Vogel

They married in 2003 and are now parents to three children named Cassy, Charlee, and Gabriel.

Mike met Courtney in an audition venue where he went to audition for the show Grounded for Life in 2003

Courtney was only 18 when she met Mike, and they married shortly after they met. They are now living a happy life with their children.

Family of Cassy Renee Vogel.
Family of Cassy Renee Vogel. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

Mike is 44 years old. He has a net worth of $1 Million. His source of income is acting and modeling.

Mike Is Not Qualified With Motherhood

Mike worked in the series Sex/Life, which was a series from a different perspective. 

The different perspective is due to women's presence in the series's making. 

The series was all written, produced, and directed by the women, and there is the feminine side in the film where the passion and desire of the women are expressed. 

According to Mike, being one of the male characters in such a series was a fortunate thing. 

He said that women's perspective is always different from that of men. 

He also talked about the motherhood of the women and how great the motherhood makes the women.

He was the last person to talk to about motherhood as he is so unqualified about the motherhood part. 

Mike Was Advised to a Relationship

Mike has happily married his wife, Courtney, for over 20 years. 

All this year, their relationship seems to have been growing more and more, and there has not been any issue that has come to the media. 

When asked about the key to their successful relationship, Mike revealed the advice that he got from one of the people he knew. 

He said that someone told him never to stop dating his wife in his lifetime; once you stop dating them, the relationship is ruined. 

He then always kept that in mind. 

He said there are always many complaints, laziness, and other problems in any relationship, and no relationship is perfect.

Still, he never stopped dating his wife, whom he considers the key to his successful relationship.

Mike Loves Training 

Mike did the movie The Brave, where he is seen pulling off many insane actions and stunts. 

But he didn’t just train for it for the movie's sole purpose. 

Yes, he did learn a lot for the movie from the ex-military personnel and an actor, McHale, who is very good with his fighting ability, jujutsu, and other stuff. 

But Mike loves training and learning to be strong in his regular life. He is always up for taking fighting lessons and doing physical tasks. 

He talked about it in one of the interviews. Even in the set of “The Brave,” whenever there is free time, he trains for Brazilian jujutsu or heads up to the gym with McHale and trains himself. He enjoys that a lot.

Mike Was Unsure About Other Actors

Mike was approached with the movie “The Brave,” where he was said to play the role of the military. 

As much as the script was fascinating in the pages, Nike was apprehensive about the acting part, as to execute such a fantastic script, a perfect actor to fill every role is necessary. 

Not just to gel in the roles, but the whole team needs to be perfect for one another. 

Fortunately, not only did the actors become naturally perfect for their roles, but the whole team blended in so perfectly and beautifully that the movie became a great experience for everyone, including the audience.

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