Who Is Catarina Silva? Mother Of William Carvalho

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Who Is Catarina Silva? Mother Of William Carvalho

Catarina Silva is the mother of Portuguese football player William Carvalho.

Her husband's name is Simao Carvalho. She is African by ethnicity. 

She is an Angolan-Portuguese citizen by her nationality. 

Family of Catarina Silva.
Family of Catarina Silva. Source: Instagram

About Catarina's Son William 

William is a Portuguese football player who currently plays for La Liga club Real Betis

He is currently playing for Portugal's national team in FIFA World Cup 2022.

He was born and raised by his parents in Angola. He is an Angolan-Portuguese citizen. 

Married Life Of William 

William is not married yet, but he does have a girlfriend. William is currently in a relationship with Rita Mendes

The couple has been dating for a long time but kept their relationship private. They are now blessed with two sons, Bryan and Kevin

His eldest son Bryan was born in the year 2020.

William Carvalho with his partner and son.
William Carvalho with his partner and son. Source: Instagram

William welcomed his second son Kevin on 25 October 2022. He happily shared pictures of him with his girlfriend and kid on his social media. 

William Carvalho with his partner and baby, Kevin.
William Carvalho with his partner and baby, Kevin. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Catarina is unknown. 

Her son William is currently 30 years old. He has a net worth of $5 Million.

Catarina Taught William Humanity

Catarina and her husband Samio were not wealthy parents. But they gave a stable and healthy life to their children. 

William and his sister were happy with their parents and were close to each other. 

Catarina and her family moved to Mira Sintra when William was just a kid, and in the small town, the boy found his love for football. 

Catarina never stopped William from playing, but what she did was taught humanity to her children. 

She wanted her children to be good humans in the future, so rather than stopping them from doing anything, she and her husband always taught them good behavior and great things. 

Real Betis Wants William To Leave

William has been a brilliant performer for the Real Betis. He has had a great career in the club. 

But in 2021, the player was rumored to be leaving the club and was said to be moving to the English club. 

When things got viral, the truth came out. The real thing was that Real Betis wanted William to leave the club. 

The club was pressuring the defensive player to move to another club. 

He was first offered to move to Fulham as a loaned player and was later pressurized to move to any English club permanently. 

But the player refused. The club was having financial problems, and William was expensive for them. 

So they wanted him to leave. But William stayed in the club, and his contract was extended.

William Is A Learner

William has been playing around the world with his club and national team. 

He has consistently proven that he is one of the best in the game and someone with whom attackers have problems. 

But despite being so good at his job, he still lacks some things. His defense and calmness might win the match, but his safe play and loose pass are also problems sometimes for his team.

But as his actions prove, he is getting better day by day. His games show how much of a learner he is. 

He learns from mistakes and experiences. He is always willing to learn new things, no matter how good or big he has become. 

This quality has kept him one of the best in his country.

Footballer Runs In William's Family

Looking into William, it seems that he has inherited the ability to play from his father or his past generation, as he is so good at his job. 

And to people’s surprise, he indeed has football genes. His father tried to be a professional footballer but was unsuccessful.

But his grandfather and his uncle were great professional football players. 

William’s grandfather Praia and uncle Afonso both played in Europe. But they didn’t reach a great height as they were limited within the local level. 

But completing their dream, William has achieved great success playing for the national team in the World Cup.

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