Who Is Catherine Muir? Mother Of Jay Leno

by Manisha Thu Feb 02 2023 Updated On Sun Feb 26 2023
Who Is Catherine Muir? Mother Of Jay Leno

Catherine Muir is the late mother of American TV personality, writer, and comedian Jay Leno. She has sons, Patrick, and Jay. 

Jay is her youngest son. Her husband was Angelo Leno. She died at the age of 82 and her husband died at the age of 84.

Catherine Muir with her husband.
Catherine Muir with her husband. Source: Pinterest

Is Jay Married?

Jay is happily married to Mavis Leno since the 1980s. The two met each other in the 1970s. He was performing at the iconic comedy show when he met her for the first time. 

Their love story began then. Jay said that she was never good at dating stuff. 

And Mavis was also sure that she was not made for marriage thing. But things changed after they started falling for each other. 

They decided to get married on the same day as Jay's parents tied the knot. 

The two have been married for more than four decades. The two don’t have kids together.

Jay Leno with his wife.
Jay Leno with his wife. Source: Pinterest


Her son Jay is 72 years old.

Net Worth

Her son Jay's net worth is estimated to be $450 million

Jay Almost Lost His Life In A Fire Accident

Last year Jay got into a horrible fire accident that almost cost his life. He suffered burns on 7% of his body while working on a vintage car

A fire in his car erupted while he was working there. In an interview, he shared what actually happened to him. 

He said he was working on his 1907 white steam car and its fuel line was clogged. 

He was underneath it and he asked his friend to blow some air through the line and his face was full of fire. 

Fortunately, his friend was standing just a few feet away. His friend grabbed him from underneath the car and put his face on his chest. 

Jay Broke His Collar Bone In A Bike Accident

Jay revealed that he broke his bones from a motorcycle accident two months after the garage fire incident. 

He fell from a 1940 Indian vintage motorcycle. He broke his collar bones and two ribs and two cracked kneecaps. 

He revealed that the accident occurred on January 17 during a test drive. 

He smelled that the gas was leaking from his bike so he quickly pulled over his bike to a parking lot. 

But in that parking lot, some guy had strung a wire across a parking lot with no flags on it. 

He didn’t see that wire but when he saw it was too late and that knocked him off the bike. 

He said that he didn’t reveal his accident at that time because he was aware that if would do that then there would be a lot of media coverage about his hospitalization. 

He was been recovering well. He is in good shape. 

Jay Decided To Go Home Before Going To The Burnt Center

Jay was talking to the hospital after the fire incident and doctors advised him to go to the burnt center

But Jay decided to drive back to his home that night before going to the burnt center.

He said that his wife doesn’t drive anymore and he was worried that she would be stuck somewhere and won’t know what was going on. 

He was more worried about her than himself. He said it was the right thing to do. 

The two spent nine days at the Burnt center. Jay had to go through a very painful procedure. 

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