Who Is Cathy Ferguson? Wife Of Sir Alex Ferguson

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Who Is Cathy Ferguson? Wife Of Sir Alex Ferguson

Cathy Ferguson is the wife of Scottish former association football manager Sir Alex Ferguson

She has three sons with her husband, Alex. She is the grandma of 11 grand children. She was born in London. She is a Scottish citizen. 

Cathy Ferguson with her husband Sir Alex Ferguson and children
Cathy Ferguson with her husband Sir Alex Ferguson and children Source: Metro

Marriage And Children

Sir Alex is a married man. He has been married to Cathy for a long time. He got married to Cathy in 1966

After two years of their marriage, their first son Mark was born. They have three children altogether. 

Their second and third child name is Darren and Jason. They are twins and were born in 1972.

 As of 2022, they have completed 50 years of married life together.

Cathy Ferguson with her husband Sir Alex Ferguson
Cathy Ferguson with her husband Sir Alex Ferguson Source: Pinterest

How Did She Meet Her Husband?

Alex met his wife for the very first time in 1964. Cathy has always been supportive of Alex throughout his career. 

The couple met, introduced each other, and after some time, they started dating. 

They dated for two years straight and got married to each other. They are very happy together.

Sir Alex Ferguson with his team
Sir Alex Ferguson with his team  Source: Instagram

About Husband

Sir Alex is a British-Scottish former football manager and player born on 31 December 1941

His full name is Alexander Chapman Ferguson. He was born and raised by his parents in Glasgow

He started his career as a football player and had played for many teams. 

After getting retired from football, he was appointed as a manager. He worked as a manager for Manchester United for 26 years

During that time, Manchester was able to win 38 trophies. He retired from the manager post in 2013


He is 80 years old. His height is 1.8m.

Net Worth

The net worth of Sir is $70 Million. His source of income comes from sports. 

The average income of a football manager is $51,623 per year.

As A Supportive Wife

Cathy is the wife of legend Sir Alex

Alex, of course, the legend of Manchester United as he introduced up so many young players and made the game brilliant. 

He won many titles for the club. But along with Sir Alex, his wife Cathy is also equally respected and credited by the United Fans. 

Sir Alex almost left the club if Cathy had not convinced him. She convinced her husband to stay and win titles. 

In addition, she inspired Sir Alex to talk to Eric when he was about to leave. 

His presence won the red club their league. Cathy has a big hand in Manchester United's winning history.

Husband Had Brain Surgery

Sir Alex's retirement was sad news for the United Fans. 

He set a great height of the Club in his presence, and people always respect him for that. 

But bad news came in 2018 as the legend was taken into hospital in an emergency. 

He had bleeding in his brain, and he was immediately taken to hospital from his house. 

He was diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage. He was kept under intensive care after he went through a serious surgery. 

His family was there with him in all the process.

Sir Alex Is Too Professional When It Comes To Manchester United

Sir Alex is a Manchester United legend and has managed the team for more than two and half decades. 

He has won many titles and produced great players throughout his journey. But this success of him doesn't come from his luck. 

He is a hardworking person. He has worked for 26 years in the club, and he has just missed three matches in those years. 

Even after his retirement, he has almost never missed any of the United's matches. 

He attends every United match and has a tremendous love for the club. 

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