Who Is Catia Santos? Daughter Of Fernando Santos

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Catia Santos is a judge and a celebrity daughter. She is the daughter of Fernando Santos and Guilhermina Santos.

Fernando Manuel Fernandes da Costa Santos, popularly known as Fernando Santos, is a former soccer player who played as a defender.

He is currently a professional football coach for the Portugal national team. She has a younger sibling.

Before Catia Was Born

Santos and his long-time wife Guilhermina fell in love many years ago. 

The couple shared a lot of beautiful memories and decided to get married. 

The couple exchanged vows and tied the knot beautifully. It has been more than four decades of their togetherness.

After getting married, the couple welcomed their children, Catia and Luis Santos. Both of them are grown-up men and women now. 

Both Catia and Luis did not follow the profession the same as their father did. 

They chose two different subjects as they were more good at those. Catia is a Judge in Portugal, whereas her brother Luis is an economist.

Parents of Catia Santos.
Parents of Catia Santos. Source: Vidas 

Is Catia Married?

Catia is a married wife and a beautiful mother. She was married many years back. 

However, the information about her marriage is not revealed yet. She also has two children, a girl, and a boy. 

It is believed that her elder child is the daughter and her younger child is a son.

Age And Net Worth

Catia is 42 years old. She was born in 1980. Her father, Fernando, is 68 years old

He was born in Lisbon, Portugal, on the 10th of October, 1954. His zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Catia's exact net worth is unknown, but a Judge in Portugal has a salary estimated at around 6930 euros

But talking about her father's net worth, He has around 5 million dollars.

Spain Is Santos's One Of The World Cup Favorite Country

After the match with Spain, Santos stated that Spain is one of the excellent playing teams in the world cup, just like Portugal

Though it was the time them losing the match, Santos said it's what football is. Losing and winning are always part of the game. 

He praised the team and said they always make it, and their hard work pays off most of the time. 

He added that Spain is one of the teams that can win the World Cup.

Catia Santos's father Fernando Santos.
Catia Santos's father Fernando Santos. Source: Twitter 

Santos Has Already Completed Eight Years As A Coach In Portugal

Santos joined Portugal as a manager on the 23rd of September, 2014. It has already been eight years of his journey in Portugal

He has coached and managed the team very well. He has been one of the best managers for all the players. 

At the completion of 8 years of his managerial journey, his team won a match against the Czech Republic

Afterward, in an interview, Santos said the best is yet to come. Santos was very happy and was in very good spirits for the World Cup 2022.

Santos Extended His Contract With Portugal

Santos was the one who helped Portugal to win European Championship 2016

The 65 years old man, with his talent and guidance, has helped Portugal's teams to grow more than ever. 

After FPF extended his contract as a football manager, Santos was happy and glad to be part of the team for more than two years. 

Fernando has extended his contract until Euro 2024. When was he asked if it was a hard decision to make? 

Santos replied that it was the easiest decision to make as he would teach and learn more for two years with the team.

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