Who Is Chaney Jones? Girlfriend Of Kanye West

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Who Is Chaney Jones? Girlfriend Of Kanye West

Chaney Jones is the girlfriend of American rapper, music producer and fashion designer Kanye West. 

Her parents are Avon and Nicole Jones.

She is an Instagram model and COO at First State Behavioral Health company

She is an American citizen.

Chaney Jones flaunting in white
Chaney Jones flaunting in white  Source: Instagram

Married Life of Kanye 

Kanye is in a relationship with Chaney

But he has been married once in his life, and it was to Kim Kardashian. He married Kim in 2014

But after eight years, they officially got separated from each other. Kanye is now in a happier relationship with Chaney

They are often seen together, and Chaney often uploads cute pictures of her and her boyfriend together.

Chaney Jones with her boyfriend Kanye West
Chaney Jones with her boyfriend Kanye West Source: Instagram

Kanye Wanted Kim To Abort

Kanye married Kim in 2014 after more than a year of dating. 

Kanye said to abort the child while Kim was pregnant with their first child. 

Kim denied Kanye. Due to this, Kim was planning to separate from Kanye

Moreover, Kanye also felt like the Kardashian family planned to lock him up.

Later everything went well and they tied a knot and became parents of four children.

In February of 2022, Kim filed for divorce from Kanye

Both sides agreed, and they officially got separated in 2022.

Kim Kardashian with her children
Kim Kardashian with her children Source: Instagram


Chaney was born on 21 August 1998. Her current age is 23 years old.

Net Worth

The net worth Kanye is $6.6 Billion

His primary source of income comes as being a rapper, music producer and fashion designer.

Reason Behind Kanye's Erratic Behavior

Kanye is often seen making erratic behavior and stressed. 

It is not something he has done on his own but is the effect of his bipolar disorder. 

He has been suffering from the disorder for quite a long time. 

His ex-wife Kim also talked about his problem and asked people to have empathy for him. 

Moreover, his doctor informed him that his disorder sends him into a deeply emotional state which is not suitable for him. 

The doctor also revealed that this disorder can lead him to do risky behavior.

Kanye Went Against Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson has been dating Kanye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian. They seem to be pretty close to each other. 

Hence he got fired against the comedian, saying that Pete destroyed his family. 

Moreover, Kanye called Pete a Skeet. He also told his fans to call him skeet whenever and wherever they see him. 

Pete ignored him for a while. But Kanye continued to accuse him. 

Pete then texted Kanye and tried to clear out things.

Pete said that his mental health has been disturbed and offered to help him. 

Kanye on the other hand, kept on accusing Pete

Kanye even released a rap video where he showed that he was kidnapping and burying cartoon version of Pete.

Kanye Warned Kim

Kanye and Kim got separated in 2022. Kim got legal custody of their four children. 

But Kanye seems to be not so satisfied with it. Hence in an interview, he warned Kim to be good with his kids. 

He said not to play with his kids. He also warned Kim’s family not to make his kids do what they do. 

If his warnings were ignored, he expressed that he would not sit calm. 

He revealed he would be taking legal action against everyone.

Kim Wants The Best For Kanye

Kanye and Kim are not together, but they seem to respect each other. 

Especially for Kim, she revealed that she always wants best for Kanye as he is the father of her kids. 

According to Kim, kids always look up to their parents; hence, she wants everything best for their kids. 

As Kanye is someone that their kids look up to, she wants the best for Kanye as well. 

Kim said she grew up watching her parents and their good relationship, and hence she wants the same for her children.

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