Who Is Charity Lawson Parents And Partner?

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Who Is Charity Lawson Parents And Partner?

Charity Lawson is an American TV personality. She is known for her appearance as one of the contestants in the reality TV show The Bachelor

She is currently the lead star of the show The Bachelorette. She was born to her parents, mother Vickie and father David E. Lawson.  

She has two elder siblings’ brother Nehemiah and sister Amiyaka. She is a professional mental health therapist. 

She was born in Georgia, which makes her an American citizen by her nationality

Married Life Of Charity 

Charity is not married yet. She is engaged to her boyfriend, Dotun Olubeko. The lovebird got engaged in August 2023. 

They are committed and planning for their wedding soon.

Charity posted several photos of her lovely moment on her Instagram.

Charity Lawson and her partner.
Charity Lawson and her partner. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Charity is 27 years old. She has a net worth of $1 million. Her source of income is a therapist and TV star.

Charity Was In A Toxic Relationship

Charity is known for being a contestant on The Bachelor. 

In the interview with Bachelor Nation, she opened up about her past relationship. 

The thing was, she dated a guy for a year-long relationship, and it was not a great relationship at all. 

They had an on/off relationship since their high school days and even went to college together. 

When she dated him, Charity felt that he was the man of her life. Her relationship was really toxic, and she explained it as unhealthy. 

She didn't reveal the identity of any of the guys but did say that it took her a very long time to get herself out of it. 

She also needs to go through therapy to overcome that relationship.

Charity Saw Future With Zach

Charity and Zach Shallcross came across through the reality TV show The Bachelor season 27

Zach was the star of the show, and 30 women, including Charity, had to impress him. 

Charity and Zach went on a date together, and Charity opened up about her past relationship with Zach. 

She opened up how she got emotionally abused by the man whom she thought that she would spend rest of her life. 

She went to a lot in her past relationship but managed to come out of it. 

Her ex-partner had cheated on her with many women, but she still stayed with her. 

After hearing all Zach looked at the camera and told everyone that Charity is the person who can light up each and every person around her. 

After that date, Charity shared that she fell in love with Zach, and she definitely sees a good future with him.

Zach Saw Potential In Charity

Charity got eliminated in the hometown week of The Bachelor

She and Zach had a great connection together and Charity even saw a future with him. 

Zach opened up that he felt amazing spending every time with Charity and her family. 

For Zach, eliminating Charity has become the hardest decision, but he had to be honest and had to choose between the three women, so with a heavy heart, he took that decision. 

With that elimination, Charity was chosen as the lead for season 20 of the reality TV show The Bachelorette. 

Zach spoke about Charity, saying that she is a person with a big heart and someone who is worth trusting.

Zach believes that Charity would nail the whole Bachelorette show as lead.

Charity Feels Great To Be A Therapist

Charity has won many people's hearts with her appearance in The Bachelor, but besides being a TV star, she is also a therapist. 

She graduated from Auburn University on May 7, 2022, which gave her identity as a mental health therapist. 

She shared this happy news through her Instagram and wrote how challenging her journey was. 

But all those challenges made her who she is now. 

She saw herself growing, and those years in University with amazing professors and mates had been the best time for her. 

She feels so grateful to be a therapist and to be a mentor for the people on their mental health.

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