Who Is Charles Akonnor Wife? What Is His Net Worth?

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Who Is Charles Akonnor Wife? What Is His Net Worth?

Charles Akonnor is a former footballer and manager of the Ghana national team. He was born in Accra, Ghana. 

His full name is Charles Kwabla Akonnor. He has his birthday on March 12. His nationality is German-Ghanaian.  

Married life of Charles 

He has shared a picture of his partner and has three children. 

He has shared a beautiful picture of his girlfriend and kids on his Instagram. 

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His partner looks gorgeous in her black and red dress, and she is wearing a beautiful locket. 

Charles Akonnor wife and family
Charles Akonnor wife and family Source: Instagram

Previous Hiccups in relationship

In an interview, he revealed that he had already married twice but had to go through a divorce. 

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He also revealed that he has seven kids from the marriages. He is currently with a girlfriend now and has moved on. 

Charles Akonnor with his kids
Charles Akonnor with his kids Source: Instagram

Age and Net Worth 

Charles is 48 years old. The net worth of Charles is estimated to be $3 Million - $5 Million. 

His source of income was manager and football player.

Charles is a leader

Charles was a football player himself before he moved into being a coach. 

But his talent to guide and take the team together was not something he developed after being the coach. 

He was always a bright player who could take the whole club together. 

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Hence, he was the coach of his National Ghana team and his clubs. He really was someone his team could let their trust. 

Hence he is now assigned the greatest responsibility of being the head coach of the Ghana national team.

Black Stars shaped Charles.

According to him, Charles became the head coach of his national team Ghana Black Stars, and it was his privilege. 

But with responsibilities comes lots of pressure. 

He revealed that the team was under great pressure from everywhere to do its best and be the best. 

He included that it was not something negative because it was something that kept the team intact and that kept him in shape. 

He expressed that people expect a lot from him for the country. He has a lot of expectations from himself. 

But it doesn’t mean he would slip due to emotional interference. 

He told the media that he had a certain set of plans and tactics that he would play with. 

He would not let anyone decide for his team. He wants to go in his way for the betterment of the national team, and he believes it will work.

Charles doesn’t like to joke around.

Charles was just a kid when he started to play football. 

He used to play in the youth team in the local place, and he had never thought of being big one day. 

After he got to play for the national team, he started to be serious about his job and everything. 

In an interview, he expressed that he is a really serious person who doesn’t like to joke around. 

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He mentioned that he especially dislikes when people joke about their job, mainly football. 

It is because football made him who he is now. He revealed that he could not think of anything to be done if it was not for football. 

Also, people become something because of what they do or persuade, so he hates when people joke about their job. 

Moreover, he chose to become a coach after ending his career as a player because he wanted to give back to society. 

Once he was trained by someone, and now he wants to train newcomers to become their best version.

Charles couldn’t give good results.

In 2012, Charles was the head coach of the team Heart of Oaks. There he revealed that he had a great time. 

He trained the players well to become the better version of themselves. 

And they showed great progress on a personal level. But as a team, it was not what people and the team expected. 

Despite being good, the results in the season were degrading. It was not what Charles expected. 

Hence he had to leave the club. But the players he trained became big as time passed, and he felt great about it.

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