Who Is Charles Crichton-Stuart? Ex-Husband Of Shirley Anne

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Charles Crichton-Stuart was the former husband of late British actress Shirley Anne. Charles himself was a Race car driver

He was born in 1939 to his parents, Lord Patrick Crichton-Stuart and Jane Von Bohr

He was an English citizen by nationality. 

Marriage And Children

Charles was married to Shirley back in 1967

They were husband and wife for only three years and divorced in 1970

They shared a daughter named Nicola Crichton-Stuart

Charles also had two other children from his other partner. He had a son named Patrick James and a daughter named Sophie with Jennifer A. Collie.

About Charles's Former Wife Shirley 

Shirley was an actress. 

She was well known for her role play as Tina Lapford in the 1960 movie The Entertainer

She was born in 1936 and had her birthday on May 27

She had three siblings: two sisters and a brother named Guy Broomfield. She died on December 10, 2023

Charles Crichton-Stuart's ex-wife, Shirley Anne.
Charles Crichton-Stuart's ex-wife, Shirley Anne. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Charles died in 2001 at the age of 61. His ex-wife had a net worth of $1 to $5 Million

Shirley‘s Brother Got Killed 

Shirley had two sisters and a brother. Among her siblings, Shirley was close with her brother Guy

They grew up together in Children's House and had a close bond. 

Sadly, her brother Guy was killed in 1999. Guy Broomfield was 60 years old when he got shot by his girlfriend’s son. 

The man who shot Guy was 25 years old at that time and had shot Guy two times in his chest. 

As Shirley was close to her brother, she was deeply affected by his death. 

When Shirley and Guy were small, they stayed in a children's house, but somehow, Shirley separated from her brother. 

She was so sad that she didn’t speak with anyone at the children's house for a year. 

Thankfully, her brother also got transferred into the same children's house, and since then, she and Guy remained connected till his death.

Shirley Left Santa Barbara

Shirley's role played in the American soap Santa Barbara as Pamela

She was part of the show for a short time, and then she left the show. 

According to Shirley, she had her reasons for the show. 

She was once doing the fight scene where she got cut in her face and started bleeding. 

She was covered with blood, and the director came and told her that she had done a great job and did it one more time. 

She got furious and denied it. She didn’t like that. 

Another thing was her mom called the show boring when she asked about the show. 

She could have stayed in the show if she wanted and could have made more money, but she had a different energy then, so she left the show. 

Gratefulness Toward Tony Richardson 

Shirley started her acting career when she was young. She spent her whole life doing movies and shows. 

She started her career playing minor roles in movies. 

The biggest turn in her acting career came when Tony Richardson cast her in his movie The Entertainer as the beauty queen Tina Lapford

The movie was released in the '60s, and her career grew with that. 

She gained fame, started getting more movies, and became one of the greatest actresses. 

Shirley was grateful for the opportunity that she got because of Tony and always honored him for her success in the acting industry.

Shirley Wanted To Find Her Mother

Shirley and her brother grew up in a children's home because of the war when they were children. 

They were both tiny, so they were evacuated and sent away from their family. 

At 15, Shirley returned to London after being freed from the children's home and started looking for her mom. 

She worked in a typing pool where a photographer noticed her. 

She then modeled for magazines and then decided to go for beauty contests. 

She was beautiful and talented and ended up winning Miss London

However, she didn’t participate in the contest for fame or money; instead, she did that entire thing just for her mom to see it and find her. 

She wanted to reunite with her mom and thought that being Miss London and cover page girl would help her mom find her.

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