Who Is Charles D. Barnet Jr? Father Of Darren Barnet

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Who Is Charles D. Barnet Jr? Father Of Darren Barnet

Charles D. Barnet Jr is a celebrity father. His son Darren Barnet is known for his role in the Netflix original Never Have I Ever. 

He was married to Deborah Barnet. He used to run a small business. 

But he is not more in this world, but he was a great father who supported his son's dream.

Charles D. Barnet Jr with his wife, Deborah Barnet.
Charles D. Barnet Jr with his wife, Deborah Barnet. Source: Instagram

Is Darren Dating Anyone?

As of now, Darren is not dating anyone. He is single.

After his appearance on Never Have I Ever, he has been able to steal the hearts of many people, especially girls. 

He has a massive fan following among girls. He is a heartthrob as he is very good-looking. 

But he has managed to keep his heart not stolen by anyone. Fans are curious who will be that lucky girl to date his handsome hunk? 

Darren had a short-term relationship with his Love Hard co-star Mikaela Hoover

But they got separated after dating for a while. Darren is currently focused on his work and seems to be occupied with work. 

So he doesn’t have time for romance. The female fans are all excited about who will be his love interest in the future. 

Charles D. Barnet's wife, Deborah Barnet, and son, Darren Barnet.
Charles D. Barnet's wife, Deborah Barnet, and son, Darren Barnet. Source: Instagram


His son Darren is 31 years old. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Net Worth

His son's net worth is estimated to be $1 million. He has managed to earn his fortune in his acting career. 

Charles D. Barnet's son, Darren Barnet.
Charles D. Barnet's son, Darren Barnet. Source: Instagram

Darren Revealed His Favorites Things

Darren's favorite genre of movies is suspense and thriller. His favorite movie of all time is Fight Club

He said that he loves those movies that have twist and turns to it and is unpredictable. He is a fan of such films and wishes to make one someday. 

He would love to go to Rydal high school as it was based in the 1950s and was a really fun show, not much drama, just singing and dancing all around. 

Charles D. Barnet, Jr with his children.
Charles D. Barnet, Jr with his children. Source: Instagram

His favorite screen jock is Chris Evans from Not Another Teen Movie. He said he just loved his character.

He said that Tony Stark's House in Iron Man is his favorite house as his house got robots that make him breakfast in the morning. 

What he loved about Never Have I Ever is how Mindy Kaling, the show's co-creator, is open to collaborations. 

He said she is very open to everything as she never forces them to do what she wants. She allows them to be comfortable around her.

What Does Darren eat In A Day?

In an interview, Darren revealed what he usually eats in his normal. He breaks down the diet he used to stay fit and in shape. 

He said that he doesn’t follow some regiment or diet routine. 

He sometimes says hi, don’t eat anything in the morning as have multigrain toast with some avocado, spread on it with poached egg, spinach, onion, and pepper in the afternoon. He has his toast with coffee or orange juice. 

He said for lunch, and he loves to eat out in Mexican and Japanese restaurants as he loves Mexican and Japanese food. 

He loves to eat a lot of sushi. He loves sardines too. He loves to drench it with lemon and put it on a pan with oregano, basil, and pepper flakes. 

He said he loves to eat it with white rice and kimchi. He said sardines have a lot of health benefits to it as it is rich in protein. 

He said he is not a fan of sweets. He never overeats things. When he gets hungry, he eats in the right quantity. 

For dinner, he loves making pasta with some beans and chicken. His cheat meal is pizza and burger. 

He also talks about supplements for his metabolism. 

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