Who Is Charlotte Corden? Daughter Of James Corden

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Charlotte Corden is the youngest daughter of the English actor, comedian, singer, TV host, and writer James Corden.

Her mother's name is Julia Carey. She was born in 2017.

She grew up with her two eldest siblings. She is an English citizen of her nationality. 

Charlotte Corden's parents and grandparents.
Charlotte Corden's parents and grandparents. Source: Instagram

About Charlotte’s Father James 

James is an actor, comedian, singer, writer, and TV host. He is famously known for hosting, The Late Night Show with James Corden. 

He hosted the show from 2015 till 2023. He was born in 1978 and has his birthday on August 22

He grew up with his two sisters. 

Married Life Of James

James is married to his wife, Julia Carey. He met Julia through his friend Dominic Cooper with whom James used to share his flat. 

James and Julia tied the knot in 2012, but they dated for three years before getting married. 

James and Julia welcomed their first child, son Max, a year before their marriage. 

In 2014 they gave birth to their daughter Carey and in 2017, they welcomed their youngest daughter Charlotte

James and his wife are happily living with their three kids.

Parents of Charlotte Corden.
Parents of Charlotte Corden. Source: People

Age And Net Worth

Charlotte is five years old. Her father has a net worth of $70 Million

The Story Behind James' Middle Name

James is a well-known host for hosting his late-night show. He is known by the name James Corden; however, his full name is James Kimberly Corden

In the interview with Jimmy Kimmel, James revealed that every son born in his household inherits the name, Kimberly

His granddad, dad, and even his dad's granddad had the middle name, Kimberly

The Kimberly name was first started after James's dad's granddad was born. 

His dad's granddad was taken by his aunt after he was born so that she take him to Christen, and on the way, she heard that the boars got defeated in the Battle of Kimberly. 

After the aunt heard the name Kimberly she named James' dad's granddad, and then it passed on to his granddad, then his dad, and then to James.

James Emotional Carpool Karaoke

James and Adele have known each other for a very long time, and because of that, they share a great bonding. 

James ended his late-night show in April 2023, and he had his last carpool karaoke with Adele, which was not something that he planned. 

So what happened was James had his last karaoke with Diddy, and it went so wonderful. 

He finished his last karaoke and was so happy because he always wanted to have Diddy on his carpool. 

He had a fantastic day, came back home, and was sleeping. But then he found himself awake by Adele

She came to him and told him that she would drive him to his work because it was his last day on his show. 

He felt exceptional, and on the way, he had his carpool Karaoke with Adele which became his unexpected last carpool karaoke. 

They had an extraordinary and emotional moment on the carpool.

James Misses His Home

James is originally from England. He came to America to build his career, and throughout his years, he has achieved many great things in his life. 

He started acting, hosting, and even producing and writing independently. He started his family here. 

However, with everything he achieved and got, a part of him always missed his home country. 

He ended his show in 2023 and is thoroughly planning to go back. 

He revealed that he and his wife had decided to return to their country a few years ago. 

He feels that there are his close ones in his home country who he needs to spend time with. 

All three kids grew up in America, so they will have adjustment problems, but he thinks it suits him and his children.

James Misbehaved With A Waiter

James was banned from one of the famous restaurants in America, Balthazar, in 2022. James went to the restaurant with his wife, ordering a dish. 

According to James, the waiter brought the food his wife was allergic to, so he kindly asked to exchange food. 

But the waiter delivered the wrong food, which pissed up James. He passed a rude comment to the waiter. 

A few hours later, he saw the post of the restaurant owner, where he mentioned that James had been banned from Balthazar.  

After that, he called the owner and apologized, admitting he wasn’t on his best behavior. 

The owner accepted James' apology and unbanned him. 

He also issued a public apology to the restaurant waiter for his behavior in the restaurant. 

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