Who Is Charlotte Searle? Wife Of Brendan Rodgers

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Who Is Charlotte Searle? Wife Of Brendan Rodgers

Charlotte Searle is an English travel coordinator and manager who has worked for Liverpool FC as well. 

She is known for being the wife of a renowned Premier League manager Brendan Rodgers who is a Northern Irish professional football manager

He is presently the manager of Leicester City, a Premier League club.

She is the second wife of Brendan. She was born in the Merseyside region of North West England.

She is a British citizen.

Charlotte Received A Dreamy Proposal From Her Husband

Charlotte was proposed to by her husband Brendan in New York just 68 days after separating from his ex-wife.

He went on his knees and proposed to her with a ring and bouquet of roses.

Tourists in Times Square were amazed as the person who had just proposed to his 33-year-old girlfriend was none other than Brendan Rodgers.

One of the Liverpool fans named Craig Allen captured this moment. The couple got engaged after this proposal.

Brendan was previously married to Susan. The couple officially parted ways on December 7.

Married life Of Charlotte

Charlotte was married to a business development manager named Steven Hind earlier. 

They had a daughter together named Lola. However, they parted ways after the birth of their daughter. 

She is also a stepmother to her husband's children from his ex-wife Susan Rodgers, and their kids are Anton Rodgers and Mischa Rodgers.

Charlotte met her present husband in 2013 while she was working as a travel coordinator for Liverpool, and at the same Brendan was also working as a manager for the same team.

The couple tied the knot on June 9, 2017, after four years of their relationship. 

They got married at Loch Lomond Golf Club, Scotland. 

Charlotte Searle with her husband, Brendan.
Charlotte Searle with her husband, Brendan. Source: Pinterest


Her husband, Brendan, is 49 years old. He is 1.7m tall.

Net Worth

The net worth of her husband is 16 million dollars

His main source of income is from his career as a footballer and football manager.

Charlotte Searle with her daughter.
Charlotte Searle with her daughter. Source: Pinterest

Charlotte's Ex-Husband Took His Own Life 

Charlotte's ex-husband Steven Hind was found lifeless in a hotel room. 

He killed himself because he could not get over his failed marriage life.

The police claimed he was unable to get over his divorce from his wife and hence took his life. They were married for 17 months.

He was searched by the people of the hotel after he was unavailable at his London office for his work.

The people of the hotel immediately called the police after they found their dead body in a hotel room.

After separating from his wife and daughter, he could not handle himself and decided to end his life.

Charlotte's House Was Robbed

Charlotte, along with her daughter, locked themselves in a bathroom as thieves broke into their Glasgow home. 

The thieves barged into their house at 2 am when they were sleeping.

They immediately hid in the bathroom as the thieves showed them the torch.

The medals and trophies won by her husband were taken away by them.

However, none of them was harmed.

Her Husband Answers The Most Asked Questions Related To Him

Brendan, in an interview, opens up about several facts related to him.

He revealed that he is from Carnlough, which lies in Northern Ireland.

Although he looks very serious in his photos, he is not that serious in his life. He learned the Spanish language. He drives Vanarama's car.

He loves supporting Celtic throughout his life. He even said that this decision would never change. He won seven trophies.

He did not play much in games. He played football when he was young in his small village. He played for his school team.

He never played any competitive games in his life. He played for Manchester United, and it was his first ever club. 

He has danced Kolo Loure. When he was a young boy, he played a musical instrument called the accordion.

He revealed that he is not available on any kind of social media as he does not want his privacy to get spoiled. 

He likes to keep everything about his life private.

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