Chase Muniz

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Chase Muniz

Chase Muniz is the adopted son of American singer, songwriter, actor and television producer Marc Anthony

His full name is Alex Chase Muniz. Her mother's name is Debbie Rosado

He has one sister and four half-siblings. He is an American citizen. 

Marc performing on stage
Marc performing on stage  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Marc Anthony

Marc was in a relationship with Debbie Rosado previously. They dated back in the 90s and have a daughter together. 

They also adopted a boy child when they were in a relationship. 

After that, he got engaged with Claudette Lali. They dated for two years

In 2000, Marc got married to Dayanara Torros. They have two children together.

Marc and Dayanara had a lot of issues between them, and because of that, they parted away after two years of their marriage. 

They are reunited, but they couldn't maintain their relationship; hence they divorced. 

After that, he got married to Jennifer Lopez and had three children, among which two are twins. 

They separated in 2011. He then married Shannon De Lima, whom he was married for two years. As of 2021, he is dating Madu Nicola.

About Marc Anthony 

Marc is an American actor, singer, songwriter and television producer born on September 16, 1968. His full name is Marco Antonio Muniz

His parents raised him with his seven other siblings. He is well known for his beautiful songs. He had also shown his appearance in many movies. 

He role-played some of the movies are Man on Fire, Big Night, and The Substitute. He has married four times to date and has six children with different partners.

Marc with his children
Marc with his children  Source: Instagram 


He was born in 1995, and his current age is 26 years old.

Net Worth 

The Net worth of Marc is $80 Million. His source of income is singer, songwriter, actor and television producer. 

The average earning of the actor is $40 860 per year. 

Marc Anthony's Death Rumors

In 2021, all the social media was focused on a single person, and the person was singer Marc Anthony

His fans are always interested to know about him and follow him. 

In 2021, the news broke over all the social media that Marc was no more. People posted his picture with captions like R.I.P and other condolence on the Facebook page. 

Many people believed the news was true, and people started tagging him on his death post. Slowly media also started covering the news. 

But it was all rumors spread by unknown people. He officially spoke about rumors himself by coming out on October 26.

Marc Anthony Lost His 120-foot Yacht

Marc owns a 120-foot yacht in Miami Dade County. He often visits the yacht and takes good care of it. 

But unfortunately, in December of 2019, an accident occurred on the yacht. The yacht accidentally caught on fire. 

The fire rescue team of the city immediately got into the scene and tried to control the fire. 

Not only one but many rescue teams approached to set off the fire, but they couldn't. 

The yacht was sinking, and they couldn't do anything. They did what was possible at the moment, and that was to protect the other yacht from that yacht. 

Many other yachts around Marc's yacht had a risk of catching on fire. Hence the rescue team protected other yachts from the fire. 

The cause of the fire was unknown.

Marc Made A World Record

Marc Anthony is undoubtedly one of the legendary singers of all time. 

His great song and composition made him one of the best in the industry. 

This is why he has such a strong base of true and honest fans. 

He has somehow contributed to positively changing the music industry scene. 

He has achieved a lot in the musical field, seen from his 25 Billboard hit songs. He has several views on YouTube and other media. 

He has then won a World Record for music he has done. He is the World Record holder for best-selling tropical salsa artists worldwide

He had about 12 Million albums sold to a worldwide audience.

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