Who Is Chasen Joseph Schneider? Son Of John Schneider

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Who Is Chasen Joseph Schneider? Son Of John Schneider

Chasen Joseph Schneider is the son of American actor and singer John Schneider. Chasen is also an actor known for his appearances in Dukes and Hazzard and Small Vile

He was born in the year 1991. His parents raised him with his siblings. 

He is an American citizen by his nationality.

Chasen Joseph Schneider with his father, John Schneider.
Chasen Joseph Schneider with his father, John Schneider. Source: Pinterest

About Chasen Parents 

Chasen is the son of John and Elly Castle

His mom married John in 1993, and after their marriage, Elly’s then-husband John adopted Chasen and his sister Karis, who were from Elly’s ex-partner. 

Both of her kids got love and care from John

Also, Elly and John have a biological daughter named Leah Schneider. Sadly, their marriage ended with a divorce in 2019

Chasen also has an elder sister named Mandy, but he could not spend his childhood with his sister Mandy as his mom, Elly, gave her up for adoption. 

Charles's mom got pregnant with Mandy when she was only 15, and as a young girl, she was not prepared to raise a human being by herself, so his mom gave up Mandy.

After two decades, his mom got a chance to meet her long-lost daughter, Mandy.

Parents of Chasen Joseph Schneider.
Parents of Chasen Joseph Schneider. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth

Chasen is 31 years old. He has a net worth of $2 Million. His source of income is acting

Chasen Earned At The Age Of 16

Chasen landed his first role at the age of 16

He played the character of Joe Hampton in the series The Secret Life of American Teenagers and got paid for his appearance. 

Chasen opened up that he got the role in the series because of his dad. 

His dad was also there in the movie, and when the show's creator asked him if he had known any child actor, he suggested Chasen's name. 

But his dad didn’t want the creator to take Chasen just because he was his son, so Chasen had to do a table read and prove that he was suitable for the role. 

The show creator then called him and did the table. 

Luckily, the creator liked his acting and got him into the show, making him earn a good amount at the young age of 16

Chasen Didn’t Have To Miss His College

Chasen was in high school when he got his first acting job. 

He played in the series The Secret Life of American Teenagers and was in for about 12 episodes

Although he was in high school, his acting job didn’t affect his life. 

He didn’t have to miss his classes or college days because he had recurring roles in the series. 

He had a small part in most episodes, so he didn’t have to spend more time shooting. 

It only took one or two days for him to finish his part, and even though he had to miss, he just missed 1 to 2 classes. 

Chasen was lucky to get the role because, unlike other newcomers, he didn’t have to run many places to get auditions.

Chasen Was Scared

On the first day of his shoot for American Teenager, Charles was very excited about going on the set and acting. 

Before that, he had only acted in school plays, so being on the set and doing a new thing was pretty exciting and scary. 

Thankfully, the cast members on the set were good and did their best to make Chasen feel comfortable. 

He enjoyed working on the series because the show was fun. 

He wasn’t entirely comfortable on his first day, but he tried to perform best as a young new actor. 

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