Who Is Cheri Steinfeld? Mother Of Hailee Steinfeld

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Who Is Cheri Steinfeld? Mother Of Hailee Steinfeld

Cheri Steinfeld is the mother of the famous actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld. She is an interior designer.

She has only two children, Hailee and Griffin Steinfeld. 

Her husband, Peter Steinfeld, is a professional personal trainer and fitness expert. Cheri is Christian.

The couple has been married for more than three decades.

Cheri Steinfeld with her husband Peter Steinfeld
Cheri Steinfeld with her husband Peter Steinfeld Source: Instagram

Past Relation Of Daughter Hailee

Hailee had several relationships in the past. She was spotted with Cameron Smoller in 2016

There was a rumor of her having a fling with other celebrities like Justin Bieber and her co-star Douglas Booth

They were just rumors. Nothing turned out to be true, but the couple put an end to their relationship in 2017

There is no exact reason behind their breakup, but sources assumed that the rumor of Hailee's link-ups with her celebrities might be the reason. 

After her breakup, she began dating One Direction singer Niall Horan

Their mutual friend helped them to meet.

Hailee was seen at Niall's concert, and she used to express her love for him through her Instagram. 

She was quite open about her relationship, and they used to spend quality time and go on vacation with each other. 

In 2017, there was a rumor that the couple had parted ways as they did not speak about each other much during interviews. 

In 2018, it was confirmed that they had separated.

Cheri Steinfeld's daughter Hailee Steinfeld
Cheri Steinfeld's daughter Hailee Steinfeld Source: Instagram

Is Hailee Dating Anyone?

After her break up with Niall Horan, she has not been linked with any men in the industry. 

Her ex-boyfriend found his love and moved on with her, while it seems as if Hailee has taken a break from the relationship. 

Hailee Saw Herself Grow

Hailee gave an interview to the People where she talked about her journey from her first movie to now. 

She also revealed how her parents supported her throughout her journey. 

Hailee started her acting career when she was thirteen years old. She did her first ever movie, and it was a wonderful experience for her. 

It has been a long time since she did her movie, but still, there are moments when she has to remember that she is not thirteen years old anymore, and when she looks back the time she realizes and sees her growth. 

She has grown into a different person now. She has grown a lot professionally and emotionally. 

Hailee also opened up about the scenarios that got her into acting. When she was little, her cousin acted in a commercial, and she waited in front of the TV for a long time to see that commercial. 

She found that moment really great. At the age of eight, she saw the movie Paper Moon, and when she saw Tatum O’Neil act, she got really inspired, and that got her into acting. 

When Hailee got the opportunity to work on her first move, everyone told her to be serious and told her it was a huge opportunity. 

She was young, curious, and new, and she got to learn many things from amazing people. 

To this day, she tries to learn as many new things and doesn’t want to stop at all. 

Her parents have been extremely supportive throughout her journey, and if it weren’t for them, she wouldn’t be the person that she is now. 

Her parents made sure to keep her in check, and they sacrificed a lot of things for her. 

She is grateful for everything that she has got in her life. She never imagined doing so much of things, but now she is going around the world working with incredible people. 

Every time she looks back to her past, she realizes how far she has come and feels proud seeing her growth. 


Hailee is 25 years old. Her height is 1.73 m. 

Net Worth

Hailee's net worth is estimated to be $10 million

She has managed to earn this hefty amount at a very young age from her exceptional acting and singing career.

Cheri Steinfeld's children Hailee Steinfeld and Griffin Steinfeld
Cheri Steinfeld's children Hailee Steinfeld and Griffin Steinfeld Source: Instagram

Hailee Talks About Joining Marvel Cinematic Universe

Hailee was cast to play the role of Kate Bishop in Marvel's Hawkeye Series. 

Before she knew that she got the job, she had a meeting in the Marvel office

When she went for a meeting, she felt that the office was like a Marvel movie as it had secret gates, underground parking, and crazy back elevators. 

The whole meeting was whispered. 

She was honored to be a part of something incredible and was touched that the entire Marvel team, including Kevin, believed in her. 

She played the role of Kate from New York City. Her character is a highly skilled archer, martial artist, and swordswoman.

Lesser-known Facts About Hailee

At the age of just 14, she was the face of a designer label. Her favorite movie is Straight Out of Compton. She liked her burger with only cheese. 

She was nominated for an Oscar when she was just 14 years old. Her birthday is on December 11. 

She was featured in Pitch Perfect 2. Her career took off, and she bagged lead roles in many movies. 

Singing is one of her many talents. She began acting when she was eight years old

Hailee was homeschooled as she was busy in auditions and shooting movies.

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