Cheryl Crabtree Walker- Tragedy Of Paul Walker Mother

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Cheryl Crabtree Walker- Tragedy Of Paul Walker Mother

Cheryl Crabtree Walker is the mother of late American actor Paul Walker. Cheryl is a former fashion designer by her profession. 

She was born to her parents in Los Angeles. Cheryl has her birthday on 31st October. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Married Life Of Cheryl 

Cheryl was previously married to her husband, Paul William Walker III. The couple got married to each other back in 1972

She was married to her first husband for five years, and after that, they got divorced.

Cheryl and Paul shared five children, three sons and two daughters. 

Their sons are Paul, Cody, and Caleb, and their daughters are Ashlie and Amie.

After divorcing his first husband, she didn't get into any relationship. 

Cheryl Crabtree Walker's husband and son.
Cheryl Crabtree Walker's husband and son. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Cheryl is 69 years old. The net worth of Cheryl is unknown.

Her late son Paul had a net worth of $25 Million.

Cheryl Couldn't Forget Her Dead Son

Cheryl is well known for being the mother of famous actor Paul Walker. Paul is renowned for his appearance in the film Fast and Furious

Sadly, the talented and most loved actor passed away in 2013 after getting involved in a car accident. 

Each and everyone was affected by his sudden demise, and his mother, Cheryl, was devastated. 

Four years after her son's death, she showed up on Dr. OZ's talk show and revealed her struggle to come over her son's death. 

She recalled the day when she lost her beloved son and said that she was in the kitchen when she heard that her son was no more. 

That day, in the morning, she and Paul had great talks, and she was eagerly waiting for her son to come home in the afternoon, but he didn't. 

She felt empty every morning, and she wished to die instead of waking up and realizing that her son was no longer to call her mom. 

Cheryl Crabtree Walker's late son, Paul Walker.
Cheryl Crabtree Walker's late son, Paul Walker. Source: Instagram

Cheryl Was Asked To Be A Legal Guardian

Cheryl's late son Paul has a daughter named Meadow Walker. Her son Paul died when his daughter Meadow was only 15 years old. 

Paul and Meadow's mother were already separated, so Paul took their daughter's responsibility. As Paul was a busy actor, he could not give her teen daughter much attention, so he sought nannies, but it didn't work out for her daughter. 

So he decided to let her daughter be watched by her mother. 

According to Cheryl, Paul asked her to be the legal guardian of her granddaughter Meadow. 

Cheryl and Paul talked about that matter just a few hours after his death. 

Meadows's mother had alcoholism so that Paul couldn't trust her with his daughter, so he asked his mother to be the legal guardian and watch after her daughter. 

After Paul's death, Cheryl filed to be the legal guardian of her granddaughter and won the case.

Cheryl Crabtree Walker's late son and granddaughter.
Cheryl Crabtree Walker's late son and granddaughter. Source: Instagram

Cheryl Still Celebrates His Son's Birthday

Cheryl and her family lost her son in a tragic car accident. The incident broke Cheryl and her family's hearts. 

More than anyone, Cheryl was profoundly affected as she was Paul's mother. 

Even after his accident, Cheryl didn't even get to see his entire body, as only a smaller portion of his body was left. 

Paul left this world long ago, but his mother never stopped celebrating his birthday. 

In the memory of Paul, Cheryl calls all her relatives and close people to Paul Huntington Beach

Each and everyone throws sunflowers in the water in the memory of long gone Paul. 

They even talk about him and remember the best parts of their respective life.

Paul Dated Minor 

Paul was a great actor who had a huge fan following. He was a great guy, and his death impacted everyone. 

Many years after his death, his relationship with teenage girls came to controversy. 

It was known that the actor was dating Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell. 

Paul started dating Jasmine when she was only 16 years old; at that time, he was 33

He had a daughter of the same age, and many fans of him raised questions about his dating a minor. 

They wanted to know why Paul's relationship with Minor was never given importance and why he was not questioned for dating a girl half his age. 

Not only Jasmine Paul had relationships with other minor girls as well. 

This uncertain relationship of Paul with the Minor made fans very uneasy, and they became eager to know if Paul had made a sexual relationship with the Minor or not.

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