Who Is Cheryl Johnson-LaVine? Mother Of Zach Lavine

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Who Is Cheryl Johnson-LaVine? Mother Of Zach Lavine

Cheryl Johnson-LaVine is the mother of professional basketball player Zach Lavine, who plays for the Chicago Bulls in the National Basketball Association

She is married to Paul

Her husband is a former football player who competed in the United States Football League and the National Football League

They share four kids, Camryn, Linda, Chandi, and Zach

Her ethnicity is White Caucasian, and her husband is of African-American descent

Cheryl Johnson-LaVine's husband and their son.
Cheryl Johnson-LaVine's husband and their son. Source: Instagram

Is Zach Married?

Zach does not have a wife as he is not married yet. However, he is in a relationship with Hunter Mar.

His girlfriend is a model and former school soccer player. They are high school sweethearts. 

They have been dating each other since they were 17

They engaged and welcomed their son, Saint Thomas LaVine, in 2022

Family of  Zach Lavine.
Family of  Zach Lavine. Source: Instagram


Her son Zach is 28 years old

Net Worth

Her son Zach's net worth is estimated to be $70 million

 Cheryl Johnson-LaVine with her son, Zach Lavine.
Cheryl Johnson-LaVine with her son, Zach Lavine. Source: Instagram

Zach Talked About His Injury

In an interview, Zach talked about the foot injury. 

He said he was dealing with his injury and trying to give his best like before. 

He said he was applying with his team, but he had to sit out from the game because of the injury. 

He added he would be able to play again after a couple of days, but his rest period got extended, and his team went on a three-game win streak without him. 

He said he was happy that his team won the game. He said he was all ready to help his teammate. 

He said he has been in the locker room practicing and training. 

He said he wanted to play in the previous match, but it did not happen. 

He added that he had gone through significant injury and surgery in the past and knows how to get back and play again. 

He said every injury was frustrating but has dealt with it as it is part of the sport. 

He said he loves the process of getting back. He said the lateral side of his right foot is a little inflamed. 

He said he had an injury in a place that is a prominent area for bone, so they do not want to mess with that. 

He said he wanted to fully calm down his foot and come back and finish the season on a solid note.

Zach Talked About His Trade Rumors

There has been a rumor about him being traded off-court, and when he was asked about it, he replied it was funny as he tried to play through everything, and there was nothing to do with off-court. 

He said they are such speculation. He added it is so funny that people believe such rumors and follow them. 

He added he plays his heart out for the Chicago Bulls when he puts his jersey on, and he was confident that he would get back to the team once he fully recovers.

Zach Shared His Essential

In an interview, Zach revealed the things he can’t live without. The first thing was his trimmer. 

He said as a player, he is always on the road, so he needs a perfect haircut and beard and carries his trimmer with him every time. 

He loves his old-school cars. He loves collecting his vehicles as it is his passion. 

He loves playing Dominoes, and he is very competitive at it. He keeps his family picture with him. 

Besides basketball, he loves to play golf, so after working out, he plays golf. His next essential is watches. 

He is into wine, and he drinks it when he travels. 

He loves playing video games and carries his laptop, controller, and PlayStation.

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