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Cheryl Rossum is a commercial photographer who is famous for being the mother of an American actress, singer-songwriter, and TV director, Emmy Rossum

Emmy is famous after playing the role of Fiona Gallagher in the comedy-drama series name Shameless.

Unsuccessful Love Life

Cheryl lived in Scarsdale, where she had a daughter with her partner, with whom she never married. 

She named her daughter with her maiden name and never public in media about the father of Emmy

She separated from her partner when she was pregnant with Emmy. She has never talked about her love life in media.

After separation, she moved to Manhattan, where she worked as a corporate photographer. She is still unmarried, and Emmy is her only child. 

She has never been in any relationship after that. She hasn't seen in public with any man till now. 

She is a single parent of Emmy. She had to go from place to place because of her job so, she has hired nannies to look after her daughter.

She struggled a lot to raise her only child.

Cheryl Rossum with her daughter Emmy
Cheryl Rossum with her daughter Emmy  Source: Instagram

Childhood of Daughter

Emmy Rossum's full name Emmanuelle Grey Rossum was born on 12 September 1986 in New York City, USA

She has met her father twice in her life and doesn't know much about him. 

She was very much interested in singing since her childhood.  She was gifted with a good voice.  

She was in the Metropolitan Opera Children's Chorus group because of which she also got to perform on stage within five years

She has even signed with famous opera singers on the stage. The fun fact is that she can sing in six different languages in twenty different operas. 

She also used to work with the way of Franco Zeffirelli in Carmen. At the age of 12, she suddenly had an interest in acting as well.

Cheryl Rossum daughter Emmy
Cheryl Rossum daughter Emmy  Source: Instagram

To achieve her acting career, she was admitted to The New Actors Workshop in NYC. She was also continuing her studies at Spence School

Later she dropped out of Spence School. She graduated with her high school diploma from Stanford University's 'Education Program for Gifted Youth"

For higher studies, she joined Columbia University. Her mother raised her as a single parent, so she is both her mom and dad. 

Her mother used to work so hard to put food on a table. Her mother used to do double work. She worked in a bank and also as a photographer in gigs.  

But whatsoever, Emmy was always waiting for her father to visit her, which never came true.

Cheryl Rossum with her daughter Emmy Rossum
Cheryl Rossum with her daughter Emmy Rossum  Source: Instagram

Daughter's Marriage

Emmy is married to her husband, Sam Esmail. Sam is a producer, director, and screenwriter. 

He is recognized as the series's creator named Mr. Robot, which ran up to Season 4

He was born on 17 September 1977 in New Jersey, United States.

Sam also has a production company that directs both seasons of the Amazon Series named Home Coming

Emmy and Sam were dating in 2015 and got married after two years on 28 May 2017.

The couple has one daughter together, who was born on 24 May 2021

Prior, she was married to Justin Seigel, a music producer.

Emmy Rossum with her husband Sam Esmail
Emmy Rossum with her husband Sam Esmail  Source: Instagram 

Emmy Had An Imaginary Friend

Emmy gave an interview in SWAY'S UNIVERSE in 2015 where she talked about her character, imaginary friends and her neighbor Justin Bieber

Emmy revealed that she was raised by a single parent, her mom. She also expressed that she was the only child of her mother. 

She was raised alone without any siblings, so she always had an imaginary friend. Among all her imaginary friends, she revealed that the tooth fairy was someone who was her favorite. 

She expressed that the tooth fairy not only visited her after her tooth came out but the fairy regularly visited her. She described her imaginary friend tooth fairy to her mother as a pretty girl. 

She said that the fairy had blond hair and wore a sparkling dress. Emmy revealed that she used to open the fire escape window to let the tooth fairy come inside her room. 

Due to this habit, her mom was scared because, at the age of 6, she used to open a fire escape window, which was not good as any stranger could come inside her room. 

Emmy also expressed that the tooth fairy never left her, and she still talks to it. 

Also, she justified that single children need to have imaginary friends as they need someone to play with and spend time with. 

She also revealed that her new neighbor was Justin Bieber. She felt great about it and even went to greet him at his house. 

But she revealed that Justin had a bunch of deadliest bodyguards that she didn't want to face. Hence she came back without saying hello to Justin

She also revealed that she was too old for Justin to hang out or party with. And she hence concluded that she would not go to Justin's house for partying and other occasions.

Net Worth

She hasn't revealed her net worth yet. However, as of 2021, her daughter's net worth and source of income are shown below.

Net WorthSource
$12 millionActor, Singer, Songwriter

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. She was born in the United States.
  2. She is American.
  3. She has average height and weight.

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