Who Is Chitthip Bruschweiler? Mother Of Lisa Manoban

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Who Is Chitthip Bruschweiler? Mother Of Lisa Manoban

Chitthip Bruschweiler is the mom of Thai rapper, singer, and dancer Lisa Manoban.

Chitthip is married to her husband, Marco Bruschweiler, a chef. She is living with her husband in Thailand. She is a Thai citizen by her nationality. 

Chitthip Bruschweiler with her husband and daughter.
Chitthip Bruschweiler with her husband and daughter. Source: Koreaboo

About Chitthip's Daughter Lisa

Lisa is a well-known rapper, singer, and dancer. She is famously known for being a member of the South Korean girl group Black Pink member. 

Her mother, Chitthip, and stepfather, Marco, raised her in Thailand

She was born to her parents in 1997 and has her birthday on March 27.

Is Lisa Married? 

Lisa is not married yet, and as of now, she is also not dating anyone. 

Lisa is very private about her personal life, but in one interview, she revealed that she is attracted to older men. 

Perhaps she might date an older man in the future. 

Despite being single, in 2018, Lisa was rumored to be dating one of the BTS members.

She was linked with Jungkook, but later it was confirmed that they had nothing between them. 

Chitthip Bruschweiler's daughter Lisa Manoban.
Chitthip Bruschweiler's daughter Lisa Manoban. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Her daughter Lisa is 26 years old. She has a net worth of $14 Million. Her source of income is singing and rapping.

Lisa Has A Supportive Team

Lisa is part of a famous girl band Black Pink, and they have earned substantial fan bases through their performance. 

In 2021, Lisa started her solo career, making her songs alone and doing solo performances. 

In the beginning days, she got pretty nervous because she has a habit of doing everything on the team, but she has to take care of everything in her solo career. 

She was worried about making decisions alone and handling everything all by herself. 

It was hard, but she received full support from her Black Pink teammates. They constantly text her asking if she is okay by herself or not. 

They asked her if she needed them and would come and stay if she wanted. 

She feels so grateful for her members supporting her on her solo journey.

Lisa Finds An Online Concert Weird

In 2020, everything stopped because of the pandemic, and everyone's life was affected. 

Lisa talked about her lockdown experience and said she focused on keeping herself safe during the pandemic. 

She stayed at home and played with her lovely cats. She worked on her solo music then and spent most of her time in the studio. 

As everyone was banned from attending crowded places, Lisa and her team had to do an online concert, which she did not enjoy. 

She wanted to meet and see her fans in person; the online concert vibe differs from a live concert. 

There were cameras with no sounds and it was extraordinary.

Lisa Cried Watching Beyonce

Lisa has worked with many famous artists in the industry and feels starstruck whenever she meets new people. 

So in one of the interviews, she was asked about the artist that completely blew her up. 

For that, Lisa named Beyonce. She loves her but has never got a chance to meet Beyonce in real life. 

She opened up that she was stunned when she saw Beyonce's performance in the Coachella live Netflix documentary. 

She was amazed, and just by watching her, she started crying as she was overwhelmed. 

Lisa has also been to Coachella, but unfortunately, Beyonce wasn't there when she got invited to Coachella. A year before she appeared at Coachella, Beyonce was invited to perform.

Happiness Meeting Her Teammates

Lisa shared her first-time experience when she first met her teammates. 

In the interview with Rolling Stone, she revealed that she did not meet all three Black Pink members simultaneously. 

She met Jenni first, then Jiso, and then Rosie. Then, she remembered that Jennie was the only one from the group who greeted her in English

The other two girls didn't know English

When she first met Jiso, she was wearing a red hoodie, and she continued wearing the same hoodie daily when they practiced. 

When she met Rosie, she was with her guitar and found her remarkable. After that, she got more excited to get along because she was the same age as her. 

She did enjoy and felt happy meeting all three of them for the first time.

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