Who Is Chris Cosgrove? Mother Of Miranda Cosgrove

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Who Is Chris Cosgrove? Mother Of Miranda Cosgrove

Chris Cosgrove is the mother of Miranda Cosgrove, an American actress and singer. She is a homemaker.

She is married to Tom Cosgrove. Chris's daughter Miranda got noticed by an agency at a food festival.

Her husband runs a dry cleaning business.

Chris Cosgrove's husband and daughter, Miranda Cosgrove.
Chris Cosgrove's husband and daughter, Miranda Cosgrove. Source: Instagram

About Her Daughter

Miranda grew up in Los Angeles. She doesn't have any siblings.

She got noticed by an agent when she was having fun with her parents at a food festival, which led to her becoming famous. At that time, she was three years old.

They thought she was an Asian, but she clarified that she is of Irish, English, and French descent.

She studied at the University Of Southern California in 2012.

Chris Cosgrove with her daughter, Miranda Cosgrove.
Chris Cosgrove with her daughter, Miranda Cosgrove. Source: Instagram

Miranda Relationship History

Miranda dated Noah Centineo in 2013

They were seen together at events but never officially confirmed their relationship. 

Before Noah, there were rumors that Miranda dated Max Ehrich, who later became Demi Lovato’s boyfriend. 

However, both Miranda and Max denied these rumors. Miranda’s most famous relationship was with actor and musician, Nat Wolf

They were together for three years, from 2008 to 2011

Miranda has spoken about how meaningful that relationship was to her and how tough it was to move on after they broke up.  

She didn’t reveal why they broke up but mentioned it was a challenging experience. 

However, she and Nat remained on good terms afterward, even though they weren’t as close as when they were a couple. 

Miranda keeps her personal life private, so there aren’t many details. But her fans still remember and cherish her past romances. 

Chris Cosgrove's daughter, Miranda Cosgrove.
Chris Cosgrove's daughter, Miranda Cosgrove. Source: Instagram


Chris might be in her late 60s

Net Worth

Her daughter Miranda's net worth is about 10 Million dollars.

Miranda Showed Her Excitement On iCarly Reboot

Miranda was excited about the reboot of the show iCarly on Paramount

In this new version, her character, Carly, is older and faces challenges like dating and work. 

She was also happy about her character’s first kiss with her friend Freddie, which fans have been waiting for. 

But sadly, the show iCarly got canceled after season 3. 

Miranda is not just an actress but also an executive producer, which means she helps make decisions about the show’s episodes and stories. 

She is thankful for the love from fans and the chance to keep the iCarly story going. 

She was also happy for her friend Jennette McCurdy, who decided to focus on writing instead of acting. 

Even though they are on different paths, they still support each other. 

Miranda Felt Weird Kissing Her Co-Star Nathan Kress

Miranda talked about kissing her co-star Nathan Kress, who plays the role of Freddie

She said it felt a bit weird because they are like brother and sister since they have known each other for a long time. 

But because they are close friends now, it was not too bad, and they wanted the kissing scenes to be good for the show. 

In the show, Carly and Freddie finally get together after a long time. 

Fans have been waiting for this, and Miranda is happy about it. 

She likes it when friends in the show end up together, even though it took a while for Carly and Freddie to get together. 

She also talked about how Carly’s best friend Sam might react to Carly and Freddie being a couple. 

She thinks Sam would pretend to be okay with it but might have complicated feelings deep down. 

Miranda said that Carly and Freddie will have more things to figure out in their relationship, like dealing with Freddie’s family and his ex-wife. 

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