Who Is Chris Fimmel? Father Of Travis Fimmel

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Chris Fimmel is the father of Travis Fimmel. His son is well known Australian actor and model. 

He is a cattle farmer, and his wife, Jennie  Fimmel, is a recreation officer for the disabled.

Chris Fimmel's wife Jennie  Fimmel and son
Chris Fimmel's wife, Jennie  Fimmel and son. Source: Pinterest

Who Has Travis Dated In The Past? Was He Married?

Travis has been linked with many women in the past. 

In 1999, he was in a relationship with Canadian musician Nicole Appleton. 

But Nicole dumped him and ended their relationship. 

Then he dated American actress Merrin Dungey who was eight years older than him. 

Their relationship was short-lived as they were together only for a year. 

After his breakup with Merrin, he fell in love with model and actress Jessica Miller. 

However, their relationship also ended after dating each other for some time. 

He was romantically linked with Joy Bryant

They dated for six months. Then he met Mei Melancon in 2017 and started seeing her. 

His love life did not last longer than his previous one. They broke up in 2018.

He was spotted with other beautiful women like Paula Patton, Gina Gerson and Katheryn Winnick, but they never confirmed their relationship. 

Chris Fimmel's son Travis Fimmel
Chris Fimmel's son Travis Fimmel. Source: Instagram


His son Travis is 42 years old. He is 6 feet tall.

Net Worth

His son's net worth is estimated to be a whopping $13 million by 2022.

He has managed to earn this fortune from his acting career. 

His market value increased when he got cast in Vikings. 

Before getting into an acting profession, he was into modeling. He was an underwear model for Calvin Klein.

Ragnar Was Meant To Be Killed In The First Season Of Vikings

Ragnar fans were shocked by his demise in the fourth season of Vikings, but the actor behind the role wasn't. 

Infact, showrunner Michael Hurst originally planned to create a single 10-episodes miniseries. 

Luckily the viewers loved the series and his character as Ragnar was equally praised, that the show was not only extended to a second season but eventually to six. 

The show writer admitted that Ragnar died at the end of season one when he was writing the show. 

But, when they were making it, he realized that they were only at the start of Ragnar's journey by the end of the season. 

Because of Michael's need to expand on Ragnar's story, the viewers were granted an additional three seasons with Travis in the lead role. 

The show writer said that he was never afraid of killing Ragnar, but he wanted the death to be monumental. 

The monumental season came in the fourth season. 

Also, the show was mainly based on Ragnar's sons according to mythology. 

So his character was meant to be killed. 

How Did Fimmel Ended Up Being Cast As Ragnar Lothbrok?

Travis submitted his auditioning tape, which was filmed in his kitchen a week before filming started. 

He didn't dress up for his audition video. He gave his audition in his Australian accent.

He wore shorts and used his original accent. The showrunner Michael Hirst was not impressed at first. 

Despite having many actors audition for the part, he liked Travis's laid-back attitude. 

He flew off to give a face-to-face audition the next day, and they knew that they had found their Ragnar.

Michael recalled that everyone loved what he did when he came over to Ireland, so they cast him. 

He was a perfect match for the role. 

Some people considered that it was his fate that got him into the role, but Travis has said that he came into acting as if there was no money in farming.

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