Who Is Chris Ridley? Father Of Daisy Ridley

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Who Is Chris Ridley? Father Of Daisy Ridley

Chris Ridley is the father of English actress Daisy Ridley. In addition, he is a professional photographer. Chris's married to Louise Fawkner-Corbett. 

He shares three children with Louise. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Chris Ridley's wife and daughter.
Chris Ridley's wife and daughter. Source: Pinterest

About Chris's Daughter Daisy 

Daisy is an actress known for her character in the Star Wars sequel trilogy as Rey

She was born to her mom Louise and dad, Chris, in 1992. She is the youngest daughter of her parents, and she grew up with two older siblings. 

She has her birthday on April 10

Who Is Daisy's Husband? 

Daisy is married to Tom Bateman

Daisy and Tom started dating in 2017 after meeting on the set of Murder on the Orient Express

Daisy revealed her marriage in 2023, and because of that, it is unknown when she and Tom got married. 

Daisy Ridley with her husband, Tom Bateman.
Daisy Ridley with her husband, Tom Bateman. Source: Pinterest

Who Has Daisy Dated? 

In 2015 Daisy was linked with Charlie Hamblett after they were seen together enjoying New Year

Daisy and Charlie never talked about their relationship. By 2016, there was news of their separation.

Daisy was also rumored to be dating John Boyega, but later Daisy cleared that John was like a brother to her and they were good friends. 

Age And Net Worth 

His daughter Daisy is 30 years old. She has a net worth of $9 Million

Chris Ridley with his daughter, Daisy Ridley.
Chris Ridley with his daughter, Daisy Ridley. Source: Instagram

Daisy Was Not Allowed To Tell Anyone 

Daisy played one of the critical roles in Star Wars, which was her first ever leading significant role. 

So, she was excited to reveal it to everyone. 

But for a year, she had to hide it from everyone and not even give a hint about the movie to anyone, not even her parents.

She heard about the role in the movie through her two friends, so she was excited to audition for the film. 

She talked to her agent about the audition and said that she felt something about the role and needed to audition. 

But one month passed by, and there was no response. But after a month, she finally got to audition for the role. 

Firstly, the auditions went severely, but in her last audition, she got the role. 

She was so excited to talk about her role in the movie to everyone, but due to the privacy rule of the film, she was not allowed to.

Daisy Got Emotional

Daisy worked hard for her first leading movie Star Wars, where she performed phenomenally. 

People loved her after the trailer was out. Even though she hadn’t watched the trailer before, she didn’t know about her performance and the whole movie or trailer. 

But after she watched the trailer, she was proud of what was created. 

Her reaction was recorded by one of her friends while watching the trailer. 

She was seen crying and shouting and showing different reactions simultaneously. 

She even emailed JJ saying that she hadn’t seen the trailer, and JJ said that it was terrific, while Daisy thought that JJ would describe the trailer. 

She then remembered thousands of people that worked in the movie all year without going to their homes and family. 

Thinking about those things, she got emotional. But watching the trailer, it looked like everything paid off.

Daisy Felt The Play Was Too Long

Daisy didn’t know if she was going to be in the Star Wars or not. She was actually in the theatre when she received an email from JJ

She was shocked for a while. Then, in the Email, JJ asked if he could call her. She was so nervous and anxious.

She also had another audition, and she missed JJ’s call while giving the audition. 

She then checked her phone and found the voice mails of JJ. She was blank for a moment. She couldn’t figure out what to do and what not to do. 

She didn’t know how to call JJ back as she needed to call America, which she had never done before. Fortunately, she received a call from JJ.

She thought she needed to convince JJ for the role, but JJ called her to tell her about the part already given to her. She was very excited about it.

Tom Holland Is More Famous Than Daisy

Tom and Daisy have worked together, and they get along pretty well. 

In an interview, Daisy was asked about her and Tom’s comparison based on the box office earnings their movies have made. 

The interviewer revealed that Daisy’s Star Wars had made over a billion in their three sequences, and so had both of Tom’s Spiderman has made. 

Daisy revealed that she loves to Google the box office collection in her free time and compare them. 

She then said that she and Tom could not be compared because Tom was famous. 

She expressed that Tom was Spiderman in the Spiderman movie, which is one of her favorite movies. 

He doesn’t need any side hero with him in the movie because he is the famous Spiderman. 

Whereas for Daisy’s role, Rey requires her team to become famous. Therefore, it can never be an individual role for Daisy as Rey.

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