Who Is Chris Tyrrell? Husband Of Hillary Scott

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Who Is Chris Tyrrell? Husband Of Hillary Scott

Chris Tyrrell is the spouse of American singer and songwriter Hillary Scott. Chris is well known for being the former American country music group Lady A drummer. He left the music group in 2018.

He was born in 1986 and has his birthday on August 22

He is an American citizen by nationality. 

Chris Tyrrell's wife and children.
Chris Tyrrell's wife and children. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Chris 

Chris is married to his wife, Hillary Scott. They both have known each other since their college days as they met in college. However, they never got romantically involved at that time.

They again met in 2010, and shortly after that, they started dating. 

A year later, Chris proposed to Hillary on a family vacation, which she accepted happily, and in 2012, they tied the knot. 

Chris and Hillary are now parents to three beautiful daughters. 

Their eldest daughter is Eisele Kaya, and they have a set of twins named Betsy Mack and Emory JoAnn

Chris’s wife, Hillary, has often discussed their relationship in interviews and said they are lucky to have found each other.

Chris Tyrrell with his wife, Hillary Scott.
Chris Tyrrell with his wife, Hillary Scott. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

Chris is 37 years old. He has a net worth of $2.5 Million. His source of income is music. 

Chris Tyrrell with his three daughters.
Chris Tyrrell with his three daughters. Source: Instagram

Chris Played Instruments With His Parents

Chris is one of the talented musicians in the industry. He started playing instruments when he was young. 

Both of his parents have master's degrees in music education, and at the beginning, both parents educated people on music. 

But later, they went along with the volunteering work. His parents used to play music in the churches. 

His mom took music classes for the community kids, and then Chris also got along with it. 

When Chris was eight years old, he started learning drums, and then slowly, he started performing in the church with his parents. 

His mom used to play piano, his dad played guitar, and Chris played the drum. Growing up, he had a great experience doing such things with his mom and dad. 

Chris Was Demanding Person

Chris has been in the music line for a long time. He moved to Nashville years back in search of a promising music career. 

He had his struggles, and the experience that he gained throughout the time was challenging and different. 

Because of that, he tries to find the people who are trying to move in or have just moved to Nashville for their musical career and try to talk to them. 

He suggested people considering moving to Nashville for a better music career should only move in there if they are willing to invest their time. 

They must be available and work long hours without considering the money. 

Chris himself did the same things, and for a long, he performed for free. 

Because of that, he became the most demanding person. He did the free gigs, which helped him in his career. 

Chris Took a Break From His Career

Chris was the drummer of the Lady A group. He worked with the group for many years, but in 2018, he revealed that he decided to take a break in his career. 

The reason behind him taking a break was his children. Chris and his wife both were from the music business, and his wife still is. 

They have three children together, and as a father, he wanted to be present for their children. 

He wanted to take the responsibility of taking care of his daughter full-time, so he decided to leave the band. 

His wife also fully agreed with his decision, and it was his own decision. He didn’t even have any second thoughts about it. 

Hillary Lived On A Tour Bus

Hillary is known for being the co-vocalist of Lady A music group. 

She came from a music background, as both parents were in the music business, too. 

She talked about her childhood and said she lived on a tour bus for a few years. 

Her parents were into music, and because of that, they had to travel a lot, so they took her with them. 

She was just a little kid and was homeschooled and slept in a bunk bed. 

She couldn’t go to school like other kids and had just seen school in the videotapes for only a few years, which made her feel pretty uncomfortable. 

But she is somehow grateful for that because it kept her surrounded by country music and close to the music industry, and as she grew up, she knew what she wanted to do. 

She knew that she wanted to use her voice to earn a living. 

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