Who Is Chris Watson? Father Of Emma Watson

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Who Is Chris Watson? Father Of Emma Watson

Chris Watson is the father of Emma Watson, who is a famous actress. He is a lawyer by profession. He is married to Jacqueline Luesby

His wife was also a lawyer. They got separated when Emma was just five years old

Chris Watson's ex-wife Jacqueline Luesby, and daughter, Emma Watson.
Chris Watson's ex-wife Jacqueline Luesby, and daughter, Emma Watson. Source: Pinterest

Is Emma Dating Anyone?

Emma is in a relationship with Leo Robin, who is not from the movie industry. He is a Los Angeles-based businessman.

They were first spotted kissing each other in the streets of London in 2019. The two are very private about their relationship. 

They try to keep their romance far from the public eye. Leo even deleted his social media account after they were linked together. 

According to rumors, they are in a serious relationship, and Emma has even introduced him to her parents. 

They are living together in Los Angeles. 

Emma took a break from her work for a while to spend quality time with each other and work on their relationship. 

They are not in a rush to get married or engaged. They are enjoying each other's company right now. 

When the time is right, they will make things official. At the moment, she is happy with him.

Chris Watson's daughter, Emma Watson.
Chris Watson's daughter, Emma Watson. Source: Instagram


His daughter Emma is 32 years old

Net worth

Her net worth is estimated to be $85 million. She has managed to earn this fortune from her acting career. 

The most significant breakthrough in her career was her role as Hermione Granger in JK Rowling's Harry Potter novels

She has earned chunks from endorsement. She has worked with many luxury brands.

Emma Mistook Jimmy Fallon For Jimmy Kimmel

Emma and Jimmy recalled their first meeting, where Emma mistook him for Jimmy Kimmel. 

They talked with each other before the interview started. 

Emma was sweet and kind to him, and Jimmy was a fan of hers and gave her compliments. 

She said that she loved the Halloween Candy things that Jimmy do with the kids.

It's a prank that Jimmy Kimmel had asked parents worldwide to say that they had eaten their kid's Halloween Candy and record their reactions. 

There was silence for a moment. Emma elaborated more about that Halloween thing, and Fallon said it was not him; it was Jimmy Kimmel

They had fun at that time. 

Later, Emma revealed that she was dying inside after she realized that she had made a mistake, but Jimmy was sweet to her and didn't mind it at all as he was used to this sort of stuff. 

Emma said that she loved the show's vibe and was glad to be back at the show.

Media Sexualized Emma 

On her 18th birthday, Emma had to go through her worst nightmare. 

She came out of her birthday party, and the photographers laid down on the pavement and took a photo of her skirts. 

Those photos were published the following day on the front page of the English newspaper. 

In a conversation with the UN women meet, she recalled that incident and said that was how her transition into womanhood was dealt with. 

She was inappropriately sexualized at that time. Because she turned 18, taking those photos and publishing them everywhere was legal. 

If that photo had been taken a day before, it would have been illegal. 

After facing sexism from the tabloid press, she is now an activist who works actively to educate people about feminism. 

She launched the HeForShe initiative in 2014, which strives for gender equality.

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