Who Is Chris Wood's Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

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Who Is Chris Wood's Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

Chris Wood is a New Zealand professional football player

He is well known as the player of Newcastle United FC who plays in the position of Striker.

His full name is Christopher Grant Wood. He was born to his parents, Julie and Grant Wood. In the name of siblings, he has one sister, Chelsey Wood.

He is a New Zealand citizen

Chris Wood's sister and brother-in-law. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Chris is not married yet.  

Chris is in a relationship with Kristy Linnett. 

His girlfriend Kristy is also a football player. 

Chris Wood during the match.
Chris Wood during the match. Source: Instagram


Chris is 30 years old. His height is 1.91 m. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Chris is $12 Million. He accumulated his earnings from his career as a footballer.

Parents of Chris Wood.
Parents of Chris Wood. Source: Instagram

Chris Was Bullied 

Chris is a New Zealand citizen and coming from a sport-loving family, Chris always showed his interest in playing football. 

When he was a small kid, he started playing football. His dad was also a footballer, and his sister was a football player

In one of the interviews, Chris talked about his childhood days and said he got bullied because of playing football

As a young boy, he played football and rugby; for him, football was everything. 

As for New Zealand, people are into rugby more than football, so Chris got bullied because he played football to gain respect. He played rugby in his school days. 

In his country, people bully people if they don't play rugby, and that's what happened to him.

Chris Can Now Counter Against Skrtel

Chris is undoubtedly one of the brilliant strikers of his country Netherland.

He can go against any defender and score a goal or create a space to score a goal in matches. 

But he revealed in an interview that Skrtel was the most difficult defender he had met in his career. 

The defender is too good at his job, according to Chris.

Chris expressed that Skrtel could tackle them. 

Skrtel also pushes, pinches, and gives no chance to the opposite players to make their play. 

Back then, Chris was quite young when he went against Skrtel.

He said he couldn’t even think of making any move against Skrtel as he was comparatively weak. 

But today, Chris said he could go against Skrtel and pay him off.

Chris’s Mom Helped Him As A Teenager 

Chris used to play in a club in Netherland. 

He was one of the best young players in the Netherland as he used to be tall and bulky at 16. 

His coach in the country had contact with some clubs in England, and watching Chris play, he suggested him over some clubs. 

Chris also felt good moving to a club in England and playing with more experienced players. 

He was hence, moved to Burnley. As a teen living a chill life in Netherland, it was quite new and pressured in England. 

He sometimes used to have bad days but could shout at anyone or anywhere. 

Luckily, his mother moved in with him to England. She was English too, so it was quite easy for her. 

She cooked him food and took care of Chris’s every need. She was also there for Chris in his hard times. 

So, Chris felt very comfortable and easy despite being moved to an English club at a young age.

Chris Feels Burden Playing Number 9

Chris signed to Newcastle United half a month ago. He was given number nine in the club. 

Being one of the leading strikers on the team and wearing the number 9 jersey, he revealed that he feels a burden. 

There is a huge history behind the number 9 jersey in Newcastle United. 

It is the jersey worn by legendary players in the club who have always represented the club and brought it to its current position. 

So, living that expectation is quite a pressure for him. 

He also said that he feels blessed and more energetic to wear the number 9 jersey.

He knows the worth of the number; hence it inspires him to work even harder. 

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