Who Is Christi Dembrowski? Sister Of Johnny Depp

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Who Is Christi Dembrowski? Sister Of Johnny Depp

Christi Dembrowski is an elder sister of Johnny Depp and also serves as her brother's personal manager. Her parents are Betty Sue Palmer and John Christopher Depp.

She is a film producer too. She was born in Owensboro, Kentucky.

Christi Dembrowski's parents and brother Johnny Depp
Christi Dembrowski's parents and brother Johnny Depp  Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Christi

Despite being a celebrity family member, Christi keeps her low-key private life. 

Talking about her married life, she is happily married to Daniel Dembrowski. Her husband is a professor and author by profession.

The couple has four children, but there is no information regarding their kids. However, Christi is very close to her brother's daughter and son.

Christi Dembrowski's brother Johnny Depp
Christi Dembrowski's brother Johnny Depp Source: Instagram

Discussed Her Parent's Relationship And Childhood Traumas

During the testimony, Christi was asked about her parent's relationship. She said that her parents had completely different personalities.

Her father used to be a very gentle and loving man, whereas her mother was high-strung and used to have anxiety. 

Her mother used to yell, scream and attack her father, but her father never reacted and made sure she was okay. 

They used to hide and run to their room. Her mother used to hit and throw things at her and Johnny. 

She revealed that she observed her mom hitting Johnny, but he never hit her back, even he got older.  

She left the house when she was 17, and she had a bittersweet experience. She was looking forward to creating new life, but she was sad that she had left her little brother and dad behind. 

Her mother set up special names for both of them. She used to call Christi, Violet, which was Christi's grandmother's name and her mother used to hate her grandmother. 

She used to call Johnny one eye as the doctor thought that he was on a lazy eye and put a patch on his other eye. 


Christi was born on 21 December 1960, and her current age is 61 years old.

Net Worth

Her net worth is yet to be calculated. However, her brother's net worth is estimated to be $100 million

He charged around $20 million per film. He has managed to earn this fortune from his successful acting career. He is considered one of the highest-paid actor.

Christi Dembrowski with her brother Johnny Depp
Christi Dembrowski with her brother Johnny Depp. Source: Pinterest

Christi Talked About What Johnny Was Like When He Was Kid

They were born in Kentucky and grew up in Florida. Johnny was the youngest child among the four children. 

They two were younger ones, so they were very close. Christi said that Johnny used to be a very shy boy. 

He had a very caring personality. He loved clowns and loved to play tricks on them. She said that she was very close to her brother. 

They used to play together. They even practiced karate kicks on each other. They were best friends.

Didn't Believe Amber About Her Brother's Addiction

Amber told Christi how her brother's addiction impacted their relationship, but she did not believe her. 

She was only aware of his pain medication. In her previous testimony, she testified that she was not concerned about his brother's addiction to drinking and drugs at that time.

She said that she made herself available whenever Amber needed to talk about anything. 

She knew about the medication he was taking and wanted him to get better. The messages she exchanged with Amber were shown.

In that text, Christi said that her brother needed help. 

Lesser Known Facts About Christi

Christi is very close with her brother Johnny. She collaborated on a movie name Dead Man with her brother. 

She has produced 18 movies. She is a very supportive sister and is seen with her brother at many events. 

She is a leader of a private firm creation organization that Johnny established in 2004

Her original name is Elisa Christi Depp

Her niece Lily has appeared in various motion pictures and caught the spotlight.

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