Who Is Christian Carino? Former Manager Of Johnny Depp

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Who  Is Christian Carino? Former Manager Of Johnny Depp

Christian Carino is popularly known as the former manager of Johnny Depp and also ex-fiance of popular singer and actress Lady Gaga

He is a talent agent at Creative Artist Agency. He has worked with big celebrities like Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber

His birthday is on 24 February.

Christian Carino with his daughter
Christian Carino with his daughter  Source: Instagram

Who Has He Dated In His Past?

He was in a relationship with a big celebrity. His ex-girlfriend was Lady Gaga. They started dating back in 2017.

Their romance caught the public eye when the two were seen being cozy during Super Bowl in the same year. 

They took a further step in their relationship and got engaged secretly. They made their engagement official in 2018.

They dated for two years and parted ways in 2019. The reason behind their split was his possessive nature.

He used to be a very jealous boyfriend and used to call and text her all the time, so Gaga called it off, and they broke up.

Christian Carino with his ex-fiancee Lady Gaga
Christian Carino with his ex-fiancee Lady Gaga  Source: Pinterest

Marriage And Children

He dated the walking dead star Lauren Cohanin in 2016. They were spotted together in a hockey game. 

Before that, they were seen in a Tommy Hilfiger event too. He was married to Brooke Baldwin

Their wedding took place in 1997. But they separated in 2015 after being married for eighteen years.

The couple has two daughters named Isabella and Lola. There was a rumor that he also dated Amber Heard.

Christian Carino's daughters Isabella and Lola
Christian Carino's daughters' Isabella and Lola. Source: Instagram


Christian is 54 years old. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall. He weighs around 70 kg.

Net Worth

He has hefty amount of net worth of $12 million. He has managed to earn his wealth from his successful career as a celebrity talent manager.

Spoke About Amber Heard And Elon Musk's Relationship In His Testimony

Christian was Johnny's former agent. 

In a case between Johnny and his ex-wife Amber in the court, Christian showed up in testimony to talk about Amber's relationship with Elon Musk

He revealed that Amber had a relationship with Elon Musk

The email they sent each other back then was read during the testimony. In that email, Amber talked about dealing with a breakup, and she was sad. 

He admitted that Amber was talking about her breakup with Elon. Christian was comforting Amber about what she was going through at that time as he was a close friend of her at that time. 

He said that he did not know the exact time when she started dating Elon.

Christian Arranged A Meeting For Johnny and Amber 

During his testimony, he said that Amber requested him to arrange a meeting with Johnny in person. 

As he had a restraining order from the court to maintain a certain distance from her. 

They did not want Johnny to be accused of violating the order. Amber promised him that she would never accuse him of violating that order as a result of agreeing to meet her.

Johnny was a bit reluctant at first and then agreed to meet her. There were conversations from both sides legally to make it transparent that it was happening. 

He arranged a meeting. At that time, he was in San Francisco on tour. He flew with Amber to meet him. 

He borrowed his friend's house for the meeting. Johnny showed up a few hours later after they reached home. They sat outside and were inches away. They talked for several hours. 

His friend who owns the house called him to tell him that he was coming home, so they decided to rent a hotel in San Francisco so that they could continue to talk. 

They all went to the hotel, and Johnny and Amber started arguing with each other. Christian left the hotel early in the morning.

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