Christian Charles Sampras - Who Is Pete Sampras Son?

by Manisha Mon Jul 24 2023 Updated On Sun Mar 10 2024
Christian Charles Sampras - Who Is Pete Sampras Son?

Christian Charles Sampras is the son of professional tennis player Pete Sampras. He has only one brother. 

His mother is Bridgette Wilson, who is a former actress and model. 

He was born in 2002 and was brought up in Los Angeles, California. He loves riding a bike. 

He is not interested in sports. He wanted to pursue a career in modeling.

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Christian Charles Sampras's father, Pete Sampras.
Christian Charles Sampras's father, Pete Sampras. Source: Instagram

Married life

Pete is happily married to Bridgette Wilson. They got married in 2000, just after dating for many months. They are parents to their two sons. 

Parents of Christian Charles Sampras.
Parents of Christian Charles Sampras. Source: Pinterest


Christian Charles Sampras is 21 years old.

Net worth

His father's net worth is estimated to be $150 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a professional tennis player. 

Pete talks about Novak Djokovic

Though Pete has retired from his playing career, he follows the sport thoroughly. 

He said that Novak is the best player in the world while giving his interview to CNN in 2016

He was impressed with his playing style. He added he has all the qualities of a package player. 

He said Djokovic was mentally and physically strong. He said he is so focused on his game and has quick mobility. 

He added in some of his games, he dominated his players. He said he has been doing really well in his game. 

He said he has beaten Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal at a very young age. He said in four to five years, he would be unbeatable. 

Pete talked about Roger breaking his record

Pete has won 14 Grand Slams. He is a former world number one tennis player. 

He said he would love to hold the record of winning 14 Grand Slams forever, but every record is meant to be broken. 

He said he was there when Roger broke his record. He said players like Roger, Rafael, and Novak would easily pass his record within a decade.

Pete is happy at home with his family

Pete retired from his playing career in 2002. He said that he was spending his time with his kids and wife.

He shared that he picks up his sons from school, helps them with their homework, and attends many school events. 

He said he also plays golf sometimes. He said he is mostly with his kids all the time and he teaches them to be good kids and behave properly. 

He said parenting was a tough job. He said while he was playing everything was about him now he wants all his focus on his kids. 

Pete does not want to coach 

Pete is happy at home helping his wife raise their kids while his rivals travel all over the world coaching young tennis players. 

When asked if he had any intention of coaching on the pro tour, he replied that he didn’t want to travel anymore. 

He added he does not want to be overseas and spend a couple of days there. 

He said he wants to coach some kids in LA but does not want to travel far. He said he does not have the energy to be in that position. 

He said he was happy playing here and there and does not see him going anywhere for the time being. 

Pete remembered his first game with Roger Federer

After Roger retired from his playing career in 2022, Pete gave a sweet message to his rival Roger

He said Roger was 19 when he played against him. He said they had a great battle at Wimbledon

He said that after the game was over, he knew Roger would give tough competition to all the players, including him. 

He appreciated the dedication that he gave to his playing career. 

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