Who Is Christian Culkin? Brother Of Macaulay Culkin

by Manisha Sun Jul 23 2023 Updated On Sat Mar 23 2024
Who Is Christian Culkin? Brother Of Macaulay Culkin

Christian Culkin is a younger brother of actor Macaulay Culkin. He was born in 1987. His parents are Kit Culkin and Patricia Brentrup

His parents were in a relationship from 1974 to 1995, but they never got married. He has seven siblings. 

He shared the screen with his brother Macaulay in the 1994 film My Summer Story.

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Christian Culkin with his siblings
Christian Culkin with his siblings. Source: Instagram 
Christian Culkin with his brother Macaulay Culkin
Christian Culkin with his brother Macaulay Culkin. Source: Facebook

Is Macaulay dating anyone?

Macaulay is in a relationship with actress Brenda Song. They first met while filming Changeland. 

The rumor of their dating started in September 2017 after they were spotted on a double date with Seth Green and his wife, Clare Grant, at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California

So, it is believed that they have been dating each other since 2017

They welcomed their first child, a son, in April 2021 and named him Dakota. A year later, they got engaged. 

They welcomed their second baby, also a son, in December 2022 and named him Carson

On December 2023, Macaulay gave a special shoutout to his girlfriend, Brenda, at the Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony. 

He said he would like to thank Brenda as she is absolutely everything and his champion. 

He added that she was the only person happier for him than he was. She is not only the best woman he has known but the best person he has ever known.

During an interview with E!News in March 2024, Brenda said that they don't get out of the house, and when they do, they eat and eat and hang out. 

She also revealed that they spend a lot of time together, and when they have time off, they like to go out and eat.


Christian Culkin is 36 years old

Net worth

His brother Macaulay's net worth is estimated to be $18 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as actor. 

Macaulay still looks young, like a 10-year-old boy

Macaulay admitted that he had a baby face. Though he is in his early forties, he still looks like a young kid. 

He said it was a blessing and curse for him. He said people recognized him from the Home Alone movie. 

He said when he got to restaurants, people stared at him. 

Culkin does not like to make his 'Home Alone' face

Culkin has an iconic facial expression, which he has done in the Home Alone movie. He put his hands on his cheeks with his mouth wide open.

He said people still want him to recreate that face. He shared that even his mother asks him to make that face. 

However, he feels he is too old enough to recreate that face. 

Culkin talked about growing up with seven siblings

Culkin has seven siblings. He is the eldest one. He grew up in a one-bedroom apartment. 

He said they lived over each other. He said that they had bunk beds stacked to one another. 

He said because of that, they became close as there was no such thing as privacy. 

Culkin stopped acting at the age of 14

Culkin was 10 years old when he started in 1990 hit movie Home Alone. He said that he was tired of doing acting. 

He had done over seven movies at that age, so he wanted to put a hold on his acting. 

Because of that, he had to stay away from his family, and he missed school too. 

He said he wanted to have a normal childhood and attend school like a regular kid. 

He said he wanted to do something else at that age. He wanted to attend high school to develop himself as a person. 

He said his parents were the ones who chose movies for him. 

He asked his father that he wanted to stop acting as he was exhausted but his father just went on to sign more projects for him. 

Finally, he took the matter into his own hands and decided to quit acting. 

He said no one was listening to him, so when he was in a position to make his own decision, he chose to leave acting. 

Culkin got married at the age of 17

Culkin met his ex-wife, Rachael Miner, in high school. Rachael was not fond of him at first, and they did not fall for each other instantly. 

They dated on and off and finally married in 1998. Both were 17 when they tied the knot, but their marriage only lasted two years. 

Culkin said that his solitary nature might have been the reason behind their broken marriage. 

In an interview, Culkin said when he was young, and he had just three option, go broke, get involved in drug addiction, or get married, and he chose the last one. 

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