Who Is Christian Hebel? Ex-husband of Rachael Harris

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Who Is Christian Hebel? Ex-husband of Rachael Harris

Christian Hebel is a world-class violinist, producer, songwriter, and concertmaster. He has appeared in many award-winning recordings, film scores, and Broadway theatres. He was married to actress Rachael Harris

What went wrong between Christian and Rachael?

Christian and Rachael got engaged in 2014, and eight months after that, they eloped in New York City

The two were in love with each other, and they decided to build a family together. 

Christian Hebel with his ex-wife Rachael Harris
Christian Hebel with his ex-wife Rachael Harris. Source: Instagram

But due to some health issues and complications, Rachael was not able to conceive a baby. 

They decided to go for surrogacy. They welcomed their two children, Henry, and Otto, through surrogacy. 

After becoming a mother, she was loving her motherhood journey, but deep down, she was struggling on her own. 

She said that she began doubting herself and asking herself whether Christian was happy with her or not and how can she make him happy. 

She wanted to be a people pleaser rather than being happy herself. At that time, she felt disconnected from Christian

Finally, in 2019 she decided to take care of her mental health and filed for a divorce after being married for five years.

Despite their separation, they are on good terms with each other and are co-parenting their kids.

Christian Hebel with his kids, Henry and Otto
Christian Hebel with his kids, Henry and Otto. Source: Instagram


Christian is 46 years old

Net worth

Christian's net worth is estimated to be $11 million. He has managed to earn this hefty from his career as a musician, violinist, and concertmaster.

Christian discussed his love for music

Christian had majored in classical music at Michigan University

He said he was really passionate about music and wanted to pursue his career as a musician

Before attending college, he was very much into non-classical music.

He said his older brother used to listen to old radio plays, and he also liked listening to them. 

He also loved going to concerts and orchestras.

A lot of great artists used to come and perform there, and he used to attend all those shows. 

He said he used to hang out and go to concerts with his brother's friends, and that really pushed him to love music even more. 

He shared that when he went to high school, he got away from music as he got into theater and acting. 

Later he realized that he wanted to do something with music, so he joined the classical program at Michigan University. 

He studied there for two years. 

Christian opened up about how he has mastered all genres of music

Christian can play classical, non-classical, jazz, and bluegrass music

He can switch to different genre easily. He said he started playing violin at the age of seven.

When he started playing, he was not only listening to classical music

He said when he used to train with his private teacher, he used to play classical music

During his extra time, he used to play bluegrass music and put on some recordings. 

He said he experimented with his music with other genre at an early age. 

He got used to it as he did it for many years, and now he can easily switch to another genre because of that learning. 

He said the technique and style of learning were completely different. He used to listen to many artist music. 

He used to transcribe the other genre of music by playing the violin. He said he missed those days as it was very interesting. 

He also said sometimes, when he is completely unaware of what type of music he is working with, he listens to the music, takes some notes and understands what the composer and instrumentalist are saying, and playback as violin after a few takes. 

He said he tries to fit in every type of music. 

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