Christie Mac Campo - Who Is Bobby Campo Wife?

by Manisha Tue Jul 25 2023 Updated On Sat Mar 09 2024
Christie Mac Campo - Who Is Bobby Campo Wife?

Christie Mac Campo is the wife of actor Robert Joseph Camposecco, known professionally as Bobby Campo

She used to be a model but now works as a hairstylist. They got married on May 21, 2015, but they do not have children together. 

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Christie Mac Campo's husband, Bobby Campo.
Christie Mac Campo's husband, Bobby Campo. Source: Instagram

Bobby's thoughts on being a part of The Final Destination

Final Destination is a supernatural horror film franchise. Bobby is best known for playing the role of Nick O'Bannon in The Final Destination

He said that he first saw the movie when he was in high school, and it was his privilege to get an opportunity to be part of such a huge movie franchise. 

He shared he went to give an audition in New Oreland

He shared that he auditioned on Wednesday and got a callback on Thursday. By Monday, he was gone. 

He said he didn’t know that it was sixty million dollars worth of movie. He thought it was the end of the franchise, but instead, it was the rebirth of the franchise. 

Age, Height, and Weight

Christie Mac Campo's husband is 40 years old. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall. He weighs around 70 kg.

Net worth

Her husband's net worth is estimated to be $5 million. He has managed to earn this hefty from his acting career. 

Bobby shared his experience of watching Final Destination 1

Bobby was in school when he watched The Final Destination for the first time. He said he went to the theatre to watch with his school friend. 

He shared that his friend was a new student at his school, and he was on a school football team. So they decide to watch the movie. 

He said his friend screamed while watching a movie. He said it was a crazy experience. 

He said even though it was practically possible to experience things that happened in the movie in real life he got to experience it psychologically.

He said that's why he loved the movie. 

Bobby loves the fear factor of The Final Destination

He said the suspense and fear is the hero of the movie. He said the writer has shown suspense in a different way. 

He added that the writers of the movie knew who the killer was. 

He said death is everyway and it can come to you at any time and in any form. He said that's suspense and fear makes the movie interesting. 

Bobby became homeless before he started his shoot for 'Being Human'

Bobby played the role of Max in the TV series Being Human. He said that he had experienced a quick turn in his life every time he started to do something. 

He gave his audition for the series and while he was having his lunch they called him and said that he had to be in Montreal in three days. 

He said at that time, he had to move out of his apartment as his lease tenure was over. 

He was so busy trying to move out from his apartment running down to town. He said he was throwing his stuff everywhere. 

He had just two days to do all this things. He said the movers helped him to empty his apartment. He ended up being homeless within two days. 

Bobby's thoughts on playing a virgin 

Bobby went to Montreal to shoot for Being Human

He shared that on the first day of the shoot, just an hour before his first scene, he was told that he was playing a virgin. 

He was a little bit taken aback to hear that, but he was okay with it. He tried to figure out how he was going to make that work. 

He said the virgin thing affected him as he was 28 years old, and he had to act like a virgin and make it work. 

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