Who Is Christina Harlow? Sister Of Winnie Harlow

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Who Is Christina Harlow? Sister Of Winnie Harlow

Christina Harlow is the sister of Canadian model Chantelle Whitney Brown-Young, professionally known as Winnie Harlow

Her parents are Windsor Young and Lisa Brown

She comes from a Jamaican background. Her father left them when they were young. 

She has two siblings. 

Christina Harlow's mom and sister.
Christina Harlow's mom and sister. Source: Instagram

Is Winnie Married?

Winnie is not married yet but is dating NBA player Kyle Kuzma

In an interview, Winnie shared that Kyle sent her a message on her Instagram in 2019, but somehow, that message didn’t appear to her, so Kyle never got a reply to his message. 

But he didn't give up easily. He again sent her a message, and on the second attempt, he got lucky, and Winnie saw his DM. 

They began dating each other in 2020.

She moved to Los Angeles to know Kyle more.

Winnie Harlow with her boyfriend.
Winnie Harlow with her boyfriend. Source: Instagram


Her sister, Winnie, is 29 years old

Net worth

Her sister, Winnie, has an estimated net worth of $4 million

Sister of Christina Harlow.
Sister of Christina Harlow. Source: Instagram

Winnie Talked About Her Beauty Brand Cay Skin

Winnie is the founder of one of the most popular skincare brand. 

She opened her store in the mall in Canada, where she was discovered. 

She shared that she gave her resume at Sephora in York Dale Shopping Centre to work but didn’t get a job. 

So she wanted to bring her skin line to that same mall. 

She shared the brand is about sun care routine and after-sun care. 

She shared that the line is the birth of her Jamaican heritage, as she has put her love and soul into the brand. 

She had added ingredients like sea moss and aloe vera, which her family used on her when she was young. 

She shared that she wanted to ensure that everyone under the sun had strong and beautiful SPF regardless of skin type or tone. 

She said she felt connected to skin care as she was bullied for her skin, so she wanted to create a product that was appropriate for everyone. 

She added every product is inclusive and represents who she is.

Why Did Winnie Chop Her Hair?

Winnie shared that her mother was a hairdresser, and she used to believe that beauty depends on hair. 

Winnie shared that she stands for confidence and feels beautiful in her skin, so she thought if people look up to her, be brave, bold, and confident, and look up to her hair of confidence, she needs to cut off her hair. 

Winnie said that she loved her short hair. 

Winnie Talked About Her Halloween Costume

Winnie was dressed up as Cruella de Vil for this year's Halloween

She shared she had wanted to do Cruella for a very long time, but she had been holding on to it for some reason. 

She revealed she was bullied when she was young. She shared that people used to name her cow and Dalmatian. 

She said she had some hostility to play Cruella

She shared she wanted to get the role of superhero or supervillain when she followed in her footsteps in the acting business. 

She wanted to play that role for fun and decided to pull off Cruella. 

She said she would love to play Cruella on screen. She also dressed up as Kat William

She nailed that like. She said she had loved him since she was in grade seven, and Kat was her favorite comedian. 

She shared she saw his show, where he talked about self-esteem and motivated her to gain confidence. 

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