Christina Huffington

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Christina Huffington

Christina Huffington is the first child of Arianna Huffington, a Greek American author, syndicated columnist, and businesswoman. 

She was born on May 1, 1989.    

Wealthy Family

Christina comes from a well-off family. Her father, Roy Michael Huffington Jr., is an American politician, LGBTQ Activist, and film producer. 

In the past, he was also a member of the Republican Party and congressman for one term.  

He is the founder of the natural gas exploration company.

Her mother, Arianna Huffington, is the co-founder of The Huffington Post, the founder and CEO of Thrive Global, and the author of fifteen books.

Christina Huffington Vintage Family Picture
Christina Huffington Vintage Family Picture Source: Pinterest
Christina Huffington With Mother And Sister
Christina Huffington With Mother And Sister Source: Pinterest

Artsy Sibling:

She has a sister named Isabella Huffington. She is a professional artist. She was a student of Art History in College. 

She graduated from Yale University with, Bachelors of Arts. She has done plenty of Solo and group exhibition.

She wrote a book called a Map to Unknown.

Marriage and divorce of parents:

Roy Michael and Arianna first met in 1985. They got married a year late, on April 12, 1986.

However, the reason for divorce has not been disclosed. 

Even though they were divorced, they remained friends to maintain the healthy upbringing of their children. 

They go on vacation together with their children and also celebrate their birthdays.

An Addict

Christina started doing drugs when she was just 16 years of age. She started with her friend. 

Every time after school, she and her friend visited the mall to meet the drug dealer. 

She used to lie at her home, saying she is going out to buy chicken wings. 

She used to spend $50 on a gram. Snorting drugs started being her regular thing. 

She used to snort drugs from morning till night and even before her class. She said that she was good at fake being attentive and sober. 

Before the use of drugs, she had already started consuming alcohol. She started drinking when she was just in seventh grade

After that, she started consuming cocaine even more. She was on self-destructive behavior

She spent seven years lying and refusing to accept the consumption of drugs and alcohol to their parents. 

Reason for Addiction:

She was depressed and self-destructive after her parents got separated. She was just a small kid when this happened. 

Her parents used to expect a lot of things from her. She says her private life was hard and heavy. 

She and her sister Isabella were devastated after their parents got divorced. 

She also added that it was painful to see her family and wanted to leave the house and go as far she can. 

She wanted to quit, but most of the students in her university dorm used to snort drugs which caused her to smoke and even played a role in the addiction.

Christina says one thing led to another during her young age. She was suffering from an eating disorder. 

She also used to have an anxiety attack. She was frequently taken to the hospital by her mother for a drug test. 

She consumed drugs for almost seven years. She said that drugs took away all her insecurities.

Sober than ever

Christina stopped the consumption of drugs after seven years. She got sober when she was 24 years old.

Now she is giving interviews and sharing her stories to make people aware of addiction. 

She says addiction can happen to anyone despite supportive families or strong financial resources. 

She also stated that loneliness and emptiness in the heart could never be filled by substance abuse.

Her main reason for sharing the stories is to make people recover and be informed about drug abuse and alcoholism.  

Relationship And Boyfriend

Christina is engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Paul Needham. Paul is a media investor. Christina says he is one of the most wonderful men she has ever met.

Christina Huffington With Boyfriend
Christina Huffington With Boyfriend Source: Pinterest

Net Worth

Christina’s profession has not been disclosed. The net worth and earnings are also under wraps. But her mother’s net worth and earnings are structured below:

Net WorthEarnings
$100 million Author, politician, businesswoman 

Age, height, and weight:

  1. She is 31 years old.
  2. Her height and weight have not been revealed.
  3. Her nationality is American
  4. She was a cocaine addict.
  5. She had an eating disorder when she was young.

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