Who Is Christine Embiid? Mother Of Joel Embiid

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Who Is Christine Embiid? Mother Of Joel Embiid

Christine Embiid is the mom of professional basketball player Joel Embiid who plays for the Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA

She was born in Yaounde, Cameroon. She holds African-American ethnicity. She is married to Thomas Embiid

Her husband served as a military officer in Cameroon. They share three kids altogether. 

But she lost her older son Arthur in a car accident in 2014. She is a founder of an organization named Arthur Embiid and Angels, which is named after her late son Arthur.

She wanted Joel to be a doctor, but later she supported his dream to be an NBA player.

Christine Embiid with her husband.
Christine Embiid with her husband. Source: Pinterest

Is Joel Dating Anyone?

Joel is dating a Brazilian model Anne De Paula. The two have been seeing each other since 2018

They met each other at a dinner party. They didn't talk much during their first meeting but became friends from there. 

They welcomed their first child in 2020 and became parents. They are not married yet. 

Joel Embiid with his girlfriend.
Joel Embiid with his girlfriend. Source: Instagram


Her son Joel is 29 years old. 

Net Worth 

Her son Joel's net worth is estimated to be $35 million

Joel Open About His Thoughts On Winning MVP 

Joel has been runner-up two times. However, he has not won the Most Valuable Player Award. 

In an interview, he was asked what it would mean to him if he won MVP this year. 

He replied it would mean a lot to him as it was the most prestigious award any basketball player would receive. 

He added it would validate all the hard work he has put in over the years. 

He said that he cares a lot about this award as he has put all his dedication into that, and to get recognition for his work would be an excellent achievement for him. 

He added when people say that they don't care about awards and stuff, they are just lying, as it holds great significance for any basketball player.

Joel Talked About Getting Booed By Philly Fans

Joel said that he loves Philly Fans. He said the fans are intense and they keep themselves updated on everything that is happening in the team. 

He said he has been booed by them a couple of times. He revealed he doesn't react to them negatively. On the contrary, he tries to take it as a positive thing. 

He shared that he thinks about being in their position and reminds himself that he has not been playing hard enough. 

He takes it that way, changes his game, and tries his best to win games. 

He said he has been playing for Philly for a very long time, and he knows sometimes it is tough for the players to meet their expectations. 

He said he gets motivation from the fans and that helps him to make him a better player. 

Joel Talks About James Harden

Joel and James play for the Philadelphia 76ers. He added that his game evolved over the years by the time they became teammates. 

He said that his score is at the top, and he is at the peak of his career. 

He mentioned he finds it weird when people say they don’t go well with each other.

Joel Talks About Philadelphia City

Joel said that Philadelphia is entirely different from his home Cameroon. He said the city is calm and chill. 

He likes that vibe as he likes to chill all by himself at home playing video games. He said that there are a lot of good restaurants. 

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