Christine Governale – Meet Stunning Wife Of Sal Governale

by Pragya Sat Mar 30 2024 Updated On Sat Mar 30 2024
Christine Governale – Meet Stunning Wife Of Sal Governale

Christine Governale is the wife of American comedian, former stockbroker, and TV personality Sal Governale.

Christine Governale with her husband Sal Governale
Christine Governale with her husband Sal Governale. Source: Instagram

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Married life of Christine 

Christine married her husband Sal back in 1996. They are parents to three children, all sons named Antonio, Aaron, and Aiden

Back then, there was a rumor that Christine was getting divorced from her husband, but it was not true. 

Who is Christine‘s husband, Sal? 

Christine's husband, Sal, is a well-known comedian, and he is also popularly known for his appearance in the podcast “Howard Stern ok Demand.” 

Currently, he runs a TV program, a cooking show, Big Meals Small Places, where he demonstrates easy food recipes to make daily life easy. 

He was born in the year 1968. His full name is Salvatore Governor. He is an American citizen by nationality.

Age and Net Worth

The age and net worth of Christine are unknown. Her husband, Sal, is currently 55 years old

He has a net worth of $500,000, which he made through his comedy career and TV show. 

Christine is never satisfied with her husband’s cleaning. 

Christine appeared in her husband’s Big Meals Small Places video, where she answered some of the questions asked by the fans. 

Her husband has been running the cooking show, giving the audience easy recipes, so they wanted to know if Sal cleans everything after he is done with the cooking. 

For that, Christine said that Sal does try to clean up the mess after he is done, but she doesn’t feel satisfied with his cleaning, so she does it again. 

She finds her cleaning and Sal’s cleaning totally different, so even though Sal cleans, it is a must for her to do the cleaning again. 

Also, the fans wanted to know about Sal’s go-to food when she is upset, and for that, she said that Sal doesn’t cook anything when she is upset, as he simply makes reservations at some good restaurant.

Christine's husband lied about his academics. 

Sal opened up about being good at academics in the interview with Howard Stern

He said that he got a GPA of 3.9 before dropping out from college, where he was studying x-ray technician. 

The interviewer didn’t believe him, so he tracked down his college and found out that everything Sal told about his academics was a lie. 

The host of the podcast found out that Sal failed aerobic dance and reading content areas in 1989

In 1992, he even failed anatomy and algebra and got a 0.0 point average in his semesters. 

So, whatever he said before the interview was a total lie, and it turned out that Sal was very bad in his academics.

Sal can separate his soul from his body? 

Sal revealed about him being able to release his soul from his body in an interview with Howard Stern. He said that he does that to control his sleep paralysis. 

Sal has been suffering from sleep paralysis for a long time, and as it doesn’t have any cure, Sal found his own way to deal with it. 

He separates his body and soul every time he gets sleep paralysis, and his soul just moves around his house. 

It’s called astral projection, and it said that other people could do it, too. 

Also, he opened up about the time when his soul flew around his house and then went near to the stars. 

However, he couldn’t reach the star as he got scared of his height and then returned to his body. 

Discussion over vaping 

Sal stopped vaping after he was convinced by Howard in one of the podcast episodes. 

However, after some time, when Sal returned to the podcast, there was a major discussion over his vaping thing. 

The hosts of the show claimed that Sal started vaping again after quitting for some time, but Sal didn’t admit it. 

He said that he didn’t restart vaping, although he did vape during a Saturday night poker game and claimed that it was just a relapse. 

Sal stopped vaping after that night, so he believed that he was still in the quitting mode and wanted others to believe that, too.

Christine Governale husband Sal Governale and mother-in-law
Christine Governale husband Sal Governale and mother-in-law. Source: Instagram
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