Who is Christopher Harvest? Ex-husband Of Vivica A. Fox

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Who is Christopher Harvest? Ex-husband Of  Vivica A. Fox

Christopher Harvest is mainly known to be the ex-husband of a talented actress, producer, and television star, Vivica A. Fox. He works as a vocalist, model, and singer

Harvest's stage name Sixx Nine. He is a citizen of the United States

Christopher Harvest's ex-wife Vivica A. Fox.
Christopher Harvest's ex-wife Vivica A. Fox. Source: Instagram

Who Was Christopher Married?

Christopher was married to Vivica for four years. 

Vivica is an American actress who has worked as a producer and a television host. 

She was born on July 30, 1964, in South Bend, Indiana, United States.

She is the daughter of a normal family where her mother, Everlyena, is a pharmaceutical technician, and her father, William Fox, is a school administrator

Though she was born in Indiana, she was brought up in Michigan as her parents migrated soon after her birth.

Christopher Harvest with his ex-wife Vivica A. Fox.
Christopher Harvest with his ex-wife Vivica A. Fox. Source: Pinterest

About Ex-Wife Career

Vivica's debut career in an American Television programme, Soul Train, lasted from 1983 to 1984.

After that, she started working on TV shows like Days of our lives, Generations, Patti LaBelle, Out All Night, etc. 

She has also starred in many films like  Booty Call, Kingdom Come, Two can play that game, and many more. 

She also got the lead role in movies like Getting Personal in 1998 and CBC medical Drama City of Angles in 2000.

She starred in the film she produced, the lifetime crime drama series, Missing, for which she also received an award for outstanding actress in drama series.

Christopher Harvest's ex-wife Vivica A. Fox.
Christopher Harvest's ex-wife Vivica A. Fox. Source: Instagram

Got Fame After Marrying Vivica

Christopher and Vivica met each other in 1996. They deeply fell in love and dated for almost a year. 

On December 19, 1997, after the exact day they first met, Chris proposed to Vivica after they returned home from a dinner with a beautiful platinum ring. 

The couple tied the knot after a year in 1998.

Christopher was not well recognized before he married Vivica. 

Vivica was already a well-known face in the world of glamour. 

She has been involved in hosting and acting since 1983

She had accomplished her career as an actor, producer, and television host in the United States.

So, after marrying this well-established famous star, Christopher got in the spotlight of the public.

Sadly, the couple could not make it to the end. They got separated in 2002.

Vivica Still Has Feelings For Her Ex 

Vivica A Fox gave an interview to djvlad. There in the interview Vivica talked about her relationship with 50 Cent.

The interviewer started the interview by asking Vivica how she met Cent. Vivica opened up that she met Cent for the very first time Soul Train Music Award

In that award function Cent thanked Vivica for wearing the dress and she got amazed and had no idea why he said that.

After that Cent met Vivica’s people. They talked and after that they shared their numbers and started talking through phone. 

Vivica told that Cent is the kindest person that she has met ever. He is a gentle man and when she first talked to him. 

Cent told Vivica to call him Curtis because it is his name. Curtis is professionally known by the name 50 Cent but for Vivica he will always be Curtis

After that in Vivica’s birthday Curtis surprised him. Vivica’s house was filled with her favorite flowers Carablancas and Gardenias and there was van coming which had more and more flowers. 

She was surprised and felt good about that. Vivica’s openly told in the interview that Curtis is her love of life and she has no any problem confronting it. 

Vivica has always been in spotlight and she is used to fame and success but in the case of Curtis, he got fame after he released his album Get Rich and Die.

They started dating and as public figures they soon opened their relationship in public. 

They dated for some time and after that they broke up. Vivica told that their relationship ended because they made their relationship public way to fast and because of that many people got chance to come between their stuffs. 

She regrets that she made her relationship public and if she ever can go back to time she would date Curtis and that time she would make sure to keep it private. 

Vivica opened up that she still feels for Curtis and the place that she has for Curtis will always remains his.


It is believed that Christopher is in his 50s though he has never disclosed his age or the date of his born day. 

However, his ex-wife is  57 years old. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Net Worth

Being a private person, he has never revealed his net worth or any information about his property on income.

But his ex-wife has an estimated net worth of around $6 million. 

Vivica's Recent Comments On Jada Pinkett And Oscar Incident

Recently Vivica got attention from the media after her comment on the famous Oscar incident

She called out Jada and claimed her response to be self-righteous. 

She took one step further and added that it was Jada's fault that she could not take accountability after such a horrific incident. 

More About Christopher

Christopher is a performer under the name Sixx Nine, except that there is not much information about his musical career. 

He is too busy hanging out in parks, having good food, or spending quality time with his offspring.

He has a son and a daughter. 

He loves his kids and has a great fatherly bond with them.

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