Who Is Christy McCain? Wife Of Edwin Mccain

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Who Is Christy McCain? Wife Of Edwin Mccain

Christy McCain is the wife of Edwin McCain. Her spouse is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter. 

They got married in 1999. They share three kids: Watt, Ben, and Tiller

Family of Christy McCain.
Family of Christy McCain. Source: People

Edwin Is On TikTok

Edwin sang his song I'll Be There with many people on TikTok.

He shared many people asked him why he was on TikTok, and he said that he didn’t know why he joined TikTok. 

He shared he was homeschooling his kids and giving his full time to them. 

Suddenly, he decided to show up and started his music again. He said he was happy to be back. 

He shared that at the beginning, he got terrible reviews on TikTok as he was not used to it and did not know what to do. 

He said he wore his hat and showed some construction stuff; people were not expecting that from him. 

Soon, he realized that he had to play for them. Later, he got five out of five stars. 


Her husband, Edwin, is 53 years old

Net Worth

Her husband, Edwin's net worth is $7 million

Christy McCain's husband, Edwin Mccain.
Christy McCain's husband, Edwin Mccain. Source: Instagram

Edwin Talked About His Song I'll Be

Edwin said he was very bad with his relationship in his early 20s

That inspired him to write this song. He shared he did not do well, so his relationships ended. 

He wrote a line that says I love suicide in that song, and people had problems with that line. 

He said every record company and producer he worked with tried to remove that line from the song. 

He refused to do that. He said that did a favor for him. 

He said Hillary Duff re-released the song on their soundtrack and cut off that line. 

He called his lawyer and told them that they couldn’t do that without his permission. He joked that's how he got the bus. 

Edwin Talked About Touring Again

Edwin toured with his friends Hootie and Blowfish back in the 90s

He joked that since the 90s bands are so much in demand today, he thought it was his time to shine again. 

He confessed his fighter spirit told him to go for it again and show their kids what he could do. 

He shared he was going on a school trip with his daughter, who was in fourth grade. The bus was full of fourth graders. 

During that journey, he watched Prince's live videos, and he thought he would band back together and go on tour and make records. 

He spent three hours with them in a capital building, and later, he found himself sitting on a bench in a park feeding pigeons and told himself that he was doing okay with what was going on in his life. 

Deep down, he wished to make the record, go on an extensive tour, and spend money on sound and lights. 

Edwin Did Not Know About Lee Bryce

Lee Bryce is also a songwriter and singer. Edwin did a song on Lee's last record. 

In an interview, he revealed that he did not know how Lee Bryce was. 

He shared his friend told him that Lee wanted to write a song with him, and he asked his friend who Bryce was. 

His friend called him an idiot for not knowing. He said he was entirely out of touch with everyone, and he just used to watch Phineas and Ferb

Later, he met Lee, and he was impressed by him. They wrote a song in a couple of hours and had a great time with each other. 

He said Lee knew him as he used to attend his shows. 

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