Who Is Claira Lake? Wife Of Sam Lake

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Claira Lake is the wife of video game writer Sam Lake, the creative director at Remedy Entertainment. 

About Her Husband, Sam

Claira's husband Sam was born on March 28, 1970. He began his writing career in 1996 with Death Rally.

He is mainly known for the Max Payne video series. To date, he has never talked about his personal life and children.

Claira Lake's husband, Sam Lake.
Claira Lake's husband, Sam Lake. Source: Instagram


Sam is 53 years old. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall. He weighs around 75 kg

Net Worth

Sam's net worth is estimated to be $19 million

He has earned this fortune from his career as a video game writer and creative director.

Sam Talked About Max Payne

Sam revealed his favorite picks from Max Payne.

Max Payne is a video game series developed by Remedy Entertainment

He shared that Max Payne loved the part when Max was pumped with a narcotic called Valkyr, and he was hallucinating, and later, he realized that he was in a video game. 

He said that concept was funny and exciting at that same time. 

He said that, to date, many fans talk about that game and how that concept blew their minds. 

His favorite moment from Max Payne Two was when Max and Mona were facing each other kissing, and he was in the dark in his metaphors about it. 

Finally, it was revealed that they had been fooling them, and in reality, Mona was lying down on the ground dead. 

He said he loved narrative graphic novels and visualization. 

He said he loved having television shows on game televisions in a weird way that somehow reflected the main story. 

Sam Won Best Narrative At The Game Awards 2023

Alan Wake 2 is a survival horror game developed by Remedy Entertainment, and Sam is the creative director of it.

Alan Wake 2 won Best Narrative at the Game Awards, and Sam received the award. 

In his acceptance speech, he said Alan Wake was a focused project for all of them right from the beginning. 

He shared the award with his whole narrative team writers. He thanked the narrative designer who helped to make the story into gameplay. 

He thanked all the actors and directors. 

He was grateful for the songwriters and musicians who made custom songs for Alan

He said the recognition meant a lot to them as they always took risks to do something new and push themselves so that they could embrace it and understand their concept. 

Sam Explains The Alan Wake Story

Sam summarized Alan Wake's story. 

Alan is a successful New York-based writer who had a successful career writing crime books set in New York

However, Alan was not happy with his life and marriage. 

He shared that Alan wanted to do something more but could not write, drinking too much and arguing with his wife. 

Alan thought he needed a break, so he went on vacation with his wife to fix their marriage. 

They rented a cabin to stay, and he met a creepy old lady there who handed him the keys. 

Alan argued with his wife, and he went out of the cabin. Suddenly, he heard a noise, rushed to her, and saw that she had disappeared from the balcony. 

He thought she had fallen into the water, so he dived, and everything turned black. 

He wakes up in a car crash, all confused, and starts to find pages of the novel. 

When he read those pages, he found that they were horror stories stating that some supernatural force of darkness was waking up to take over the locals. 

The landlord of the cabin, whom they did not meet, attacked him, and he defended himself with a flashlight. 

He ran to civilization and met Sheriff, where he learned there was no island.

Alan later knew that fiction can change into reality, and things he had written in the novel have come back to life.

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