Who Is Claire Fellows? Ex-Wife Of Ainsley Harriott

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Who Is Claire Fellows? Ex-Wife Of Ainsley Harriott

Claire Fellows is the ex-wife of chef and Tv presenter Ainsley Harriott. Claire is a costume designer by profession. 

They tied the knot in 1989 after dating for a year. They share two kids, Jimmie and Maddie. 

They two got separated in 2012 after being married for 23 years. However, they are on good terms even after the split. 

Claire Fellows with her ex-husband, Ainsley Harriott.
Claire Fellows with her ex-husband, Ainsley Harriott. Source: Pinterest

Is Ainsley Dating Someone?

In an interview, Ainsley revealed that he has moved on from his ex-wife and found a new love. 

He didn’t reveal her identity as her girlfriend prefers avoiding the spotlight. 

In addition, he was spending time with his partner and was grateful to have her in his life.

Claire Fellows's ex-husband, Ainsley Harriott.
Claire Fellows's ex-husband, Ainsley Harriott. Source: Instagram

Ainsley Talked About Being A Black Chef

Ainsley said that he started his journey when he was seventeen. He added in his earlier days; he faced many difficulties. 

He said he aspired to work in top restaurants and establishments but was often rejected. 

He said a black chef leading the restaurant was very rare. But now he told people to accept them in every sector. 


Her ex-husband, Ainsley, is 66 years old

Net Worth

Her ex-husband, Ainsley's net worth is $4 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a professional chef.

Claire Fellows's ex-husband, Ainsley Harriott, and their daughter.
Claire Fellows's ex-husband, Ainsley Harriott, and their daughter. Source: Pinterest

Ainsley Is A Real Entertainer

Being a top chef, Ainsley is also an entertainer. So he knows how to engage his audience. 

He said his father was a pianist, and growing up, he was surrounded by music, and his mother used to shake her hips while doing her household chores. 

It influenced him, and he naturally became an entertainer. He said he was taught to smile freely and be outspoken when he was young. 

King Charles Is A Huge Fan Of Harriot 

King of England is a massive fan of Ainsley

He said that King Charles is a passionate governor and shared that they had a great conversation about encouraging the people of Scotland to promote cooking and help those kids. 

He said Prince William and Kate also watched his show. He said he was nervous about meeting King Charles

He said it was an honor to be there and meet him. 

Ainsley Said That His Mother Inspired Him To Cook

Ainsley said that his mother is his most significant influence when it comes to cooking. 

He said his father was in show business and was busy performing most of the time, and his mother was at home cooking beautiful meals. 

He said his mother served food on the table and loved it. 

He said her mother knew everything about food and always talked about food. 

He was curious about her recipes and used to note down her instruction. 

His mother taught him to be free and easy while cooking the food will turn out much better. 

He was taught to put his heart and soul into food. He said he got his relaxed way of cooking for his mom. 

He said he was obsessed with marinating things as her mother always talked about marinating. 

He added his siblings were also passionate about cooking. He said they also taught him a lot. 

Ainsley Shared His Learning Experience In France

At 17, he went to France and stayed with his friend. 

He said his friend had a girlfriend, and he used to be busy with her and he used to hang out with his friend's girlfriend's mother. 

He said he used to go to the market. He said it was an incredible experience for him. 

He added ingredients were abundant in the market. He said he learned the secret of dining there. 

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