Who Is Clay Senechal? Son Of Annie Potts

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Who Is Clay Senechal? Son Of Annie Potts

Clay Senechal is the son of movie actress Annie Potts. His father is Scott Senechal, who is an assistant director by profession. 

He is a writer and filmmaker.

Their parents got married in 1981 and parted ways in 1990. He has two half-siblings. 

Marriage And Children

Clay is a married man. He is married to his beautiful wife, Anna Carey. Anna is an author. They dated for long and got married in 2018. 

Clay Senechal with his wife.
Clay Senechal with his wife. Source: Instagram

They have a baby together.

Clay Senechal with his baby.
Clay Senechal with his baby. Source: Instagram

Mother Married life

Annie is married to James Hayman. Her husband is a photographer, cinematographer, producer, and film director

They tied the knot as husband and wife in 1990, and they have two kids from their marriage. 

She met James on the set of Breaking the Rules

Before him, she was married three times, and all of them were unsuccessful. 

 Parents of Clay.
Parents of Clay. Source: Pinterest


Clay is 41 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

Clay's mom, Annie's net worth is estimated at $8 million

Annie Revealed The Inspiration Behind Her Character In Young Sheldon

Annie plays the role of Meemaw in the series Young Sheldon

In an interview, Anne shared that she felt that Dolly Parton was a Meemaw spirit animal. 

She said that, at that, her character would rock Dolly

She said the hair and everything else for her character came from Dolly.

Annie Talked About Connecting With Iain Armitage

Annie and Iain have been working on the show Young Sheldon since 2016

Anne said that she had an instant connection with Iain

She shared that Iain came to see one of her plays as she was doing a musical in New York City. 

She said after she was done with her play, she went to her room, and Iain was there. Ian stood up when she arrived, looked at her, and sang a song. 

Annie Talked About Playing Meemaw In Young Sheldon

Annie said that she did not have much pressure to match up to her character as her character has appeared only a couple of times in Bing Bang Theory

She added that the show's makers also didn’t suggest her match up to her character, shown in Big Bang

She said the shows have a gap of thirty years, and anything can happen in that time, and they also look entirely different in that time difference. 

She said her character Meemaw is an angel. She said she was allowed to do anything with her character. 

Annie Stopped Dyeing Her Hair

Annie said that when she was conversing with Chuck Lorre, one of the creators of the show, he asked her how she wanted to play her character, and she told him she wanted her character to have grey hair. 

Chuck was taken aback to hear that and told her she had to have the same hair color as her daughter had in the show. 

Annie insisted that if she played an older woman in the show, it would not be natural to have grey hair. 

She said there was nothing wrong with grey hair. She said she recently stopped dyeing her hair as she found it stupid.

She wanted her character to be honest and authentic. They agreed with her, and she was grateful to them for that. 

She added that no matter what age women are, they should be okay with who and what they are and where they came from. She also said women should be true to themselves. 

Anne Talked About The Difference Between Young Sheldon And Big Bang Theory

Anne said that the main difference between the shows was that in Big Bang Theory, they were more into joking and only concerned about making jokes better while editing, whereas, in the case of Young Sheldon, they were looking for making moments and making them hilarious. 

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