Who Is Cleo James Schulman? Daughter Of Nev Schulman

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Who Is Cleo James Schulman? Daughter Of Nev Schulman

Cleo James Schulman is the daughter of former Catfish host and producer Nev Schulman. She was born in 2016. Her birthday falls on October 21

She has two younger brothers, Cy Monroe, and Beau Bobby Bruce Schulman. Her mother is a Dancing with the Star alum Laura Perlongo. 

Family of Cleo James Schulman.
Family of Cleo James Schulman. Source: Instagram

Nev Met His Wife On Instagram

Nev met his wife in 2015. He was trying to sell his bike on Instagram. Laura was interested in buying that bike, so she directly messaged him on Instagram to learn about the bike. 

Though she didn’t buy that bike but ended up going on a date with Nev on the same motorcycle that Nev was trying to sell. 

They started dating each other back in 2015 but separated for a brief time. 

But they reconciled and got engaged in 2016. The same year, they announced they were expecting their first child. 

The two tied the knot in New York City in 2017. Now they are parents to their three kids. 

Parents Of Cleo James Schulman.
Parents Of Cleo James Schulman. Source: Instagram


Cleo is five years old.

Net Worth

Cleo's father has a net worth of $2 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a Tv host and executive producer of the show Catfish.

Nev's Wife Revealed That She Suffered A Miscarriage

Laura recently revealed that she suffered a miscarriage through her Instagram post. 

She posted pictures of a positive pregnancy test and videos of her three kids. 

She wrote about life and death and also added it was all intense. 

She also said she planned to post about her pregnancy after 14 weeks. 

She then clarified that she had suffered a miscarriage. She thanked everyone for their love and sweet texts.

Nev Revealed About How People Contact Him

In an interview, Nev revealed that he gets many emails daily. He said his email is full of unread emails. 

He even opened his mail and read the emails. He said people even comment on his Instagram asking him to check his email. 

His wife said that even she started getting emails. 

She said one person asked her to tell Nev that he had not responded to her mail which she sent six months ago. 

People also asked Laura's dad for help so that they could contact Nev

What Has Nev Learnt From His Show Catfish?

Nev said that in most cases, people are heartbroken and deceived by their partners whom they met online. 

They say they will never believe in online dating and take that as a lesson, but Nev finds it completely baseless. 

Nev said that the fault is not in online dating. 

He added that the lesson would be how people choose to look for love, how they put themselves out there, and how much trust and respect they are willing to give. 

He said people shouldn’t blame the technicalities. He mentioned they should think deeply and learn how they want to be treated. 

Nev Spoke About How Real His Show Is

In an interview, Nev said that people assumed that reality shows are scripted as there is production behind it. 

He agreed that, in most cases, they are scripted. But he said his show is different from other shows. 

He mentioned he didn’t make or create anything. He shared that people are going through many crazy situations, and he just put his camera on and document it. 

He said that the concept of the catfish came from his personal experience. 

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