Clinton Pugh

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Clinton Pugh

Clinton Pugh is the father of famous English actress Florence Pugh. Clinton's married to Deborah Pugh, who is a dancer. 

He has four children with Deborah. He is a restaurateur by profession. He is an English citizen. 

Clinton with her daughter Florence
Clinton with her daughter Florence  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Florence Pugh

Florence is in a relationship with Zach Braff. They had been in a relationship since 2019. They first met in 2018 for collaboration. 

Their relationship was not revealed back then, and they had maintained their private life until April 2019. 

In April 2019, Florence and Zach were caught holding hands in New York City. At that time, they denied accepting their relationship. 

They worked together in the short film "In The Time IT Takes To Get There' in the same year.

They made people think they were in a relationship because of their movie. 

Their relationship rumor was all over, but they didn't officially announce it until December 2019

Zach and Florence have an age gap of 20 years as Zach is 20 years senior to Florence

Because of that, people started talking negatively about them. 

To those negative comments, Florence responded by saying that she can be with anyone and no one has the right to interfere in her personal life. 

Although there were many negative perspectives about them, they both are still happy together in their love life. 

About Florence Pugh

Florence is an English actress who was born on 3 January 1996. She is the daughter of Clinton and Deborah

Her parents raised her with her two sisters and a brother. 

Florence stayed in Sotogrande with her parents as her family moved there when she was three years old. 

Before starting her acting career, she used to act in school plays when she was a kid. 

She worked on drama as an actress when she was in Grade 6. 

She is well known for The Falling, Lady Macbeth, Outlaw King, and Midsommar.  

She has appeared in many movies, TV series and dramas. She has also been nominated for many awards for her acting skills. 

She also won British independent Film award

Clinton Pugh wife and children
Clinton Pugh wife and children Source: Instagram

Florence Unknowingly Racism Act

When Florence was 17, she was to go on a red carpet. 

She wanted to look beautiful and unique as other celebrities. 

She did her hair in a unique way. For that, she tried making cornrow style in which hair is tied symmetrically. 

She didn't knew that it represented black culture and was offensive to the people. 

She thought it would be cool, but it was rather offensive and came under "Culture Appropriation." 

She later realized it after her friend told her about it and described it. 

She later wrote a whole paragraph about how she didn't know about it and only came to know about it after her friend told her. 

She apologized for wearing cornrow to everyone for her unknown mistake. 


Clinton's daughter Florence is 25 years old.

Net Worth

Clinton owns restaurant so he must have handsome amount of net worth but exact amount is unavailable.

The net worth of his daughter Florence is estimated to be $1.4 Million. Her source of income is acting. 

She had earned a high amount of money from her movie Lady Macbeth. 

Florence Pugh Struggling With A Health Issue

The popular actress Florence has been dealing with Tracheomalacia from her childhood. 

It is the type of disease that causes blocking of the airway while breathing. 

Due to this disease, she collapses out of nowhere at any time as she feels difficulty in breathing. 

Because of this disease, Florence has been rushed to the hospital many times. 

Her family decided to shift to Sotogrande in Spain. They thought that the warm weather might help fix their child's health condition.

Was Florence Criticized For Dating Older Men?

Florence has been in a relationship with Zach Braff for a long time. In 2020 Florence uploaded a photo of her boyfriend, Zach

A few moments after she uploaded the photo, many people commented on it. 

Among them, 70 percent of comments were negative and too offensive. 

She was criticized for dating an older man who was 20 years senior. She didn't stay quiet after encountering those comments. 

Instead, she spoke out about it through a video and said to her fans that she was happy and didn't care about what others said about her relationship. 

She said that she has been in this field since 17 and was capable enough as an actress and a self-learning citizen at the age of 18. 

She has always done everything on her own and said that she wouldn't stay quiet if anyone spoke badly about her and her boyfriend. 

She will date someone she likes and don't give a damn about any other person.

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