Who Is Colin Evans? Brother Of Jenelle Evans

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Who Is Colin Evans? Brother Of Jenelle Evans

Colin Evans is the brother of American TV personality Jenelle Evans. He was born to his parents, Barbara and Robert Evans.

He has two sisters, Ashleigh and Jenelle. He is an American citizen by his nationality.

Colin Evans's mom and sister.
Colin Evans's mom and sister. Source: US Weekly

Colin Was Assaulted By Her Dad

Colin’s family is known for their appearance in the Teen Mom show, but people were unaware of Colin for a very long time.

He appeared in the last season of the show when he started living with her mom, Barbara. 

Colin revealed that he had PTSD, and the reason behind that was his being sexually assaulted by his father. 

He opened up about his condition through Facebook and accused his father of assaulting him for years. 

He also claimed that he was suffering from depression and a bladder infection

About Colin’s Sister Jenelle

Jenelle is a TV personality well known for her appearance in the MTV reality TV show Teen Moms: The Next Chapter

She was born to her parents in 1991 and has her birthday on December 19

She grew up with her siblings, a brother, and a sister. 

Married Life Of Jenelle

Jenelle is currently married to her husband, David Eason. They started dating back in 2015, and after two years of dating, they tied the knot. 

They share a daughter, Ensley. After two years of marriage, Jenelle filed for divorce, but they returned together in 2020.

Before her marriage with David, she was married to Courtland Rogers. They exchanged vows in 2012, but for two years, they got divorced. 

Jenelle shares a son, Jace, with her ex-partner, Andrew Lewis, and another son, Kaiser, with her ex-partner, Nathan Griffith. 

She met Nathan on Tinder in 2015, and they dated very quickly.

Jenelle Evans with her husband.
Jenelle Evans with her husband. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

Jenelle is 31 years old. She has a net worth of $ 30 thousand. Her source of income is acting

Jenelle's Husband Killed Her Dog

Jenelle and her husband, David, have been married for six years, but after two years of marriage, they separated for a short time. 

It was known that they got separated after David killed Jenelle's dogs. However, Jenelle and David both said that it wasn’t the reason. 

David claimed that he had to kill Jenelle’s dog because she was a threat to their daughter. 

He loved that dog a lot, but she was aggressive and scared that she would hurt their daughter. 

He knew that if he gave that dog up for adoption, she would hurt other kids, and he was clear that the animal law would order him to euthanize the dog. 

He didn’t want to pay for the thing that he could do himself, so he killed Nuggets. 

Jenelle also fully supported David’s decision and said that the dog matter was supposed to be private. 

Janelle’s Son Ran Away

A month back, there was news of Jenelle’s son going missing. 

Janella shared her son Jace with her ex-partner Andrew Lewis, and Jace has been living with her and her current husband David. 

Luckily, her son Jace was found just a few hours after he went missing. 

Jenelle revealed that Jace ran away from the house after Jace had a small argument with Janella and David

Janelle got the information about Jace causing trouble in school, and because of that, she and David took his phone away. 

Jace got pissed because of that, and that was when he ran out of the house. 

Many people blamed Janelle and David’s situation for causing him to run away. Still, David cleared it through his Instagram, telling people not to accuse him without knowing the exact details.

Jenelle Called 911

Jenelle and her marriage life with David have always been over the interview. 

They have lots of issues going on in their marriage. Back in 2019, Jenelle called 911, claiming that her husband physically assaulted her. 

She was crying over the phone and told that her husband pinned her down on the floor and there was blood. 

She called 911 from her house and asked for help. She even said that her arm was broken and her husband was drinking. 

Because of the drinking, his husband got violent and started hitting. 

She had no idea if he had a weapon, but she was scared and constantly crying over the phone, explaining the whole situation.

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