Colin Gilman – Meet Brother Of Billy Gilman

by Manisha Thu Mar 16 2023 Updated On Sat Mar 16 2024
Colin Gilman – Meet Brother Of Billy Gilman

Colin Gilman is the brother of country singer Billy Gilman

He was born in Westerly, Rhode Island, in the town of Richmond, to Bill Gilman and Fran Gilman. His father used to work in maintenance.

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Colin Gilman and his brother Billy Gilman
Colin Gilman and his brother Billy Gilman. Source: Instagram 
Colin Gilman with his brother Billy Gilman
Colin Gilman with his brother Billy Gilman. Source: Twitter

Billy has dropped his new single 'Roller Coaster'

Billy was the runner-up in the 2016 season of the singing reality show The Voice, and he has been touring ever since. 

The singer is now back with a full-length album. He has recently dropped his new single from his album. 

His genre in the album is not what fans are expecting from him. He has gone back to his roots. 

Billy said that he grew up listening to bluegrass music as his parents would play that all the time. 

His new single, Roller Coaster, is about the ups and downs of a romance with a perfect mix of bluegrass tracks. 

He shared that his whole album will be out by the end of this year, and another bluegrass artist will also be joining him.


His brother, Billy, is 34 years old. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall. He weighs around 71 kg.

Net worth

His brother's net worth is estimated to be $4 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a singer.

Billy was sure that he was going to be a singer in the future

At the age of seven, Billy was already singing in public spaces. He shared that when he was 18 months old, he was humming some jeopardy. 

He said he was always meant to be a singer right from the beginning. 

He added that he believes in the power of god and said that he was chosen to sing. He said he was fortunate enough to do what he loves doing. 

Billy signed his first deal with Epic Records in 2002

Billy said that he was singing in church, school, and everywhere. 

His parents knew that he loved singing, but they thought he was too young to pursue it at that age, so they asked him to stick to school. 

However, his grandmother was different from his parents. She saw an article in a newspaper about a voice coach who had a long career in singing. 

The voice coach was 10 minutes away from his home. 

So his grandmother called her, saying she had a grandson who could sing really well, and asked her to train him. 

He said his voice teacher only enrolled him as his student and trained him for a year and a half. 

He said she not only taught him singing but also gave him life lessons.

When she thought that he was confident enough to be on stage she introduced him to some local agents that booked him locally. 

He shared that when he was doing a local private party, a person approached him, who was also a musician, and told him that he had lots of connections in the music industry and asked him for a demo tape so that he could send it to his friends. 

The person who discovered him was none other than Ray Renson

A few weeks after sending his demo tapes, he was invited to Texas, where he recorded his first demo with a full band. 

A year later, he invited him to Nashville to do a showcase, and within three months, he signed a contract with Epic Records. 

Billy hated his first single

Billy sang his first single in the reality singing show The Voice, which was nominated for a Grammy and also landed a spot in the Billboard Chart Top 100. 

He said that he was very young at that time and thought that the song was boring. 

He said he didn’t understand the song and didn’t like it at all. He said it was her voice coach who encouraged him to do the song. 

She was aware that he didn’t like that song but asked him to let the judges decide if the song was good or not. 

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