Connie Seacrest

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Connie Seacrest

Connie Seacrest is the mother of American media personality and producer Ryan Seacrest

She is married to Gary Lee Seacrest. Connie and her husband celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2020.

Connie herself is the Vice president of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. She used to be a house maker before. 

She is an American citizen. 

Connie with her family
Connie with her family  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Ryan Seacrest 

Ryan was in a relationship with Sara Jean Underwood previously. They two had on and off relationship back in time. 

They dated for two years and later broke up. After that, in 2010, he started dating Julianna Hough

Their love affair was gone well for two years and later ended their relationship. 

After that, Ryan got into a relationship with Shayna Taylor. They first met in 2013 at a restaurant in L.A.

They started their relationship in 2013 and dated for nearly seven years, and called off their relationship in 2020. 

As of 2021, Ryan is rumored to be dating Aubrey Paige

As they were seen together at many places and it was known that they'd spent time with each other, people doubted their affair. 

They haven't officially confirmed that, so people think they are maintaining their private love life. 

Connie Seacrest with her son Ryan Seacrest
Connie Seacrest with her son Ryan Seacrest  Source: Instagram 

About Ryan Seacrest 

Ryan's full name is Ryan John Seacrest is an American media personality and producer born on 24 December 1974

He was born to his mother, Connie Seacrest, and father, Gary Lee Seacrest. He was raised by his family in Atlanta, Georgia, in the U.S

Ryan is popular for hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan. 

He has hosted many other radio programs and TV shows, including American Idol and American Top 40

He owns his foundation named Ryan Seacrest Foundation. He launched that foundation in 2010

Connie Seacrest with her son and husband
Connie Seacrest with her son and husband  Source: Instagram 


Her son is 46 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of is Ryan is $450 Million. His source of income is American media personality and producer.

Harry Connick Jr. Injured Due To Ryan Seacrest

Both Ryan and Harry Connick are part of American Idol

They are too comfortable with each other and are often pranking and joking with each other in and out of the show. 

But in 2021, their joke made Harry end up in hospital. What happened was that Ryan jumped into Harry's arms. 

It was part of a joke and fun, but Harry started feeling uneasy. 

Both were laughing at the moment, but Harry started feeling sick after some time and was taken to hospital. 

He was not injured but turned out to have weakness and so. He couldn't join the program for some days. 

On the other hand, Ryan apologized to Harry and said that he was joking and his intentions were not to harm Harry.

Connie Seacrest with her daughter and granddaughter 
Connie Seacrest with her daughter and granddaughter  Source: Instagram

Ryan Seacrest Is Suffering From An Allergy

Ryan is a hard-working person. He doesn't sit ideal and is always busy with his works. 

But in 2020, he decided to take a bit of a break from his works. He was turning weak due to his incurable disease. 

He had myalgic encephalomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome that turned him weak, and he couldn't get out of bed. 

He was not only the victim of the disease. His co-workers and co-host were also suffering from the same disease. 

It seems he needed time off from his work and to take out time for himself. His stress might have been one of the causes of the disease.

Ryan Had A Problem With The Final Shows Of American Idol

As always, Ryan hosted American Idol's final round and delivered excellent work. But this time, something was new to him. 

In 2020, everybody worked from home due to a pandemic, and so did Ryan. He was hosting live from his house, which was new to him. 

In the middle of the hosting, Ryan's eyes suddenly started swelling, and he was whining while speaking. 

He did complete his part, but afterward, his co-host carried his hosting. 

People thought he had suffered a stroke, but later, he revealed his nervousness due to a new type of hosting.

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